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Machu Picchu, Machupicchu

5.0 stars


Getting to Machu Picchu - the options

A trip to Machu Picchu is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but choose how you get there carefully. There are three options to get up there, the 4 day trek (the famous Inca Trail), the 2 day trek and a train straight up to Macchu Picchu.

I would personally recommend the second option as with a shorter trek you will have more energy and be able to appreciate the place better, but will be able to experience it with less people than if you arrive on the train. It is magical to walk down into the city as the Incans would have entered it. I did the 4 day trek but by the time I got there I was so exhausted I could hardly drag myself around and just wanted to go down to the nearby hot springs. Don’t make that mistake if you have any doubts about your fitness to do the full trek! Check availability as well, I've heard numbers are now strictly limited. [more ]

Temple of the Sun

We saw the Temple of the Sun the very moment we entered the city from the guardhouse. No chance to miss this circular framework from all the other flat walls and rectangular plans. The stonework of this temple is seamlessly, it’s amazing how the Incas managed to do such great job taking into account they didn’t yet discover the wheel! However, the core of the temple is a window perfectly aligned with the solstice of June in winter. It appears that this structure has been perfectly used for astronomical observations. Underneath the temple is the “Royal Tomb”, where mummies have been discovered. [more ]

The mysterious and mystic Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is absolutely impressive. I had heard a lot about the place, but for sure the Inca ruins are much more about feeling than describing. I went to Machu Picchu by train, crossing the amazing Rio Urubamba (Urubamba River) and the Sacred Valley regions, a great option to get there. From the train, it is possible to have incredible views of the landscape and also a little perception about the Peruvian culture through the people who live in the villages nearby. However, the best of the tour for me is when, after walking for a while, suddenly you see Machu Picchu. The image astonishes anyone. My tip is, after that, walk along the ruins, crossing the Temple of Condor, Temple of the Sun and Main Fountain among others, observing each detail of their architecture. For sure, Machu Picchu is the one of most mysterious and mystic places I have been, which I can’t ever forget. [more ]

The magical city of Machu Picchu

This amazing city high in the Andes must be seen to be believed. It was only discovered relatively recently, but is now a massive tourist attraction and for very good reason. The ancient buildings are very well preserved and the whole place has a wonderful, spiritual atmosphere. I would certainly recommend you hire a tour guide to make the most of the place, even though the guide books all include good descriptions it can be difficult to find your way around.

The architecture is stunning; huge blocks of stone carved with as many as eight sides and fitted into place like a jigsaw puzzle. The engineering would be a difficult feat to recreate now, even with modern machinery, so how they did it then and in this remote location is a mystery. It’s a large area and the scenery of the Andes is mind blowing, so make sure you have a whole day and your camera at the ready! [more ]

Royal Residence

To fully understand the meaning of the Royal Residence then you must see it at the end of your tour. Only in comparison with other walls and locations does its real meaning reveal. The importance of the Royal Residence lies in the number of its spacious rooms and in the fine stonework employed in the building of this monument. Apart from these, the Residence houses a large living room, a bedroom with stone chairs and stone bedsteads once covered with furs and a bathroom at the proximity of the aqueduct [more ]

Sacred Plaza

The Sacred Plaza preserved its grandiosity until nowadays. You may know nothing about the Inca history, its religious rituals or stone working but you can still catch the importance of this place. Three particular temples are making up the plaza: the Sacristy, the Principal Temple, and the Temple of Three Windows. There are two rocks in the front of the Sacristy Temple which where used to make human sacrifices. The Principal Temple is said to have the most firm and secure structure. Around the Sacred Plaza protecting walls and terraces were built. [more ]

Getting up to Machu Picchu

In spite of our spell on Inca civilization we didn’t follow the Inca trail to get there the first day but contented ourselves with taking a 06am buss to avoid the crowded hours. The ruins didn’t come into our sight until we almost reached the top and then suddenly we saw what we’ve been dreaming about all the way! The walls are fantastic, perfectly made. I will never understand how come the colonialists had the heart to destroy such a great civilization. I needn’t a guide since I had my friend to show me the essential places, but I recommend you shall take one. [more ]

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