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Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

4.0 stars


Potsdamer platz

Potsdamer platz was where “The Wall Live in Berlin” was filmed. Assuming you are not a Pink Floyd or Roger Waters fan, try to imagine that before world war II this square was one of the busiest squares in Berlin, after the war this square was flattened, and then the wall was put up cutting the city in half. Today, there are all modern buildings including the big ones from Sony and Daimler-Benz. This is where I first saw a few pieces of the Berlin Wall; however, you can find those all over town. If you do any city tours, I’m sure you will visit Potsdamer platz, but otherwise I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it if you for some reason only have one day or something. Remember, plan at least 5 days for Berlin. [more ]

Potsdamer Platz, revitalized and renewed

Potsdamer Platz is one of Berlin’s central squares, and it is the heart of the city. If you know where you are in relation to Potsdamer Platz, then you should be OK. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, the area was one of the most popular in all of Berlin. All of that ended with World War II. The entire area was blocked off and was no-mans land during World War II, but now the area has been rebuilt and it is growing back into its historic popularity. It’s a large square surrounded by offices, restaurants, cinemas, and arcades. Many of the buildings surrounding the square are the tallest in Berlin.

There is a subway station there, and it is also the meeting place for a number of English speaking tours. It is near many of Berlin’s most famous landmarks – the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, etc.

Many restaurants and cafes can be found in the square, but like all tourist spots, the prices at these places can be a bit high. But luckily, there are a number of vendors. I’d recommend the fresh pretzels! [more ]

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is entirely new and modern and therefore, pricey but convenient and a nice haven if you miss a bit of America and want to go to a mall and watch a movie in English at the Sony Center. In the summer, I think its fun to bring your laptop and try and use the free internet access but it doesn’t work in some of the cafes inside the Sony center so most people end up sitting outside along the edges of the central fountain. Although most of the surrounding architecture is modern like the movie Metropolis, the Sony Center I think is actually beautiful with its white canopy covering the open courtyard inside. [more ]

The lost Wallet

But I shortly lost weight one week before my one-month journey to Berlin has finished, because I lost all my money in Alexander Platz…Yup, this really happens, folks!
Let me tell you the story on short. I was lying patiently my eyes on several books at the main bookstore in Alexander Platz, when I found what I was looking for: a comics book for my little cousin. I got my red wallet out of my bag, paid for the book and looped happily outside the store, packing attentive the book in my bag. But there was something missing form my bag tough: my red wallet, yes.
Of course, I went back to the store immediately. There where no more than 3 minutes left since I bought that book. But all the people that were in the queue behind me were vanished now. Cool day..
Never mind. I still found some eurocents in the drawer in my room when I went back home in sorrow. Guess what: I bought a Kasebrotchen !:D [more ]

Berlin Potsdam Platz and my lost wallet

Potsdam Platz in center of Berlin gives you the feeling of standing straight in a sea of cement…but even tough, I don’t know how but you can really feel the surrounding streaming with Life! The first thing that I realized when I got to Germany is that everything is correctly built, correctly put in the right place and with it’s correct uses. It’s a rigid impression. But even tough, it’s still this beautiful atmosphere of seeing something new. Each little part of what new place I’ve seen in my life has it’s spot of original beauty that cannot be moved away.
Potsdam Platz it’s a very large area, filled with visitors , where parts of the very known Berlin Wall lay alone and dutifully inserted into the cement plaza, for the viewers. But the best thing I’ve found in Potsdam Platz it’s the Cheeeeese Pretzel at 1 euro/piece. Oh, God, I have to admit, German people have such a good taste on cheese! You can find tones of types of cheese bread. I remember I eat so much “Kasebrotchen’ that I found myself a bit….fat… I finally found a mirror after one month of consuming German specialties. It was not such a good view… [more ]

Potsdamer Platz

This famous old town square was originally the heart of Berlin but totally laid waste during the Second World War and then left abandoned during the Cold War as the Wall ran straight through it. Now it has been extensively redeveloped with huge buildings designed by renowned architects and is without a doubt once again Berlin’s chief commercial centre. It’s vibrant and alive and extremely popular with visitors and locals due to the abundance of cinemas, bars, and restaurants and shopping centres. So, whether you’re a party animal, shopaholic or a fan of modern architecture, there’s definitely something to suit all tastes. [more ]

Potsdamer Platz

I also enjoyed the newer part of the city, which is not as mysterious as the older part, but beautiful as well. The Postdamer is the new financial centre of the city and it is host of some of the most luxurious malls, restaurants and hotels in the city.
The building that I liked the most was the Sony Tower which also is the tallest building in Potsdamer.
At Potsdamer there is also a huge mall called Arkaden full of people and shops, it is probably the most famous mall in all Berlin and also the most crowded.
If you are in Berling for shopping you shouldn’t miss the opportunity of visiting Postdamer. [more ]

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Potsdamer Platz Berlin
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