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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

5.0 stars


Golden Gate Bridge

Enjoy the park to the north where you can park your car and get out. You have a great view of San Francisco. Take the time to walk, at least part of the way, across the bridge. Golden Gate bridge - yet it is kind of red. Don't know why I expected it to be, well, gold!

Well worth the time! [more ]

If you’re going to San Francisco in winter

Make sure to pack your umbrella. Unfortunately, lousy weather was the unchanging backdrop for my short stay in town. Apparently, even lousy weather can be fairly versatile in the city by the bay. Within the period of five days, we’d seen light drizzle, torrential rains, and semi-thunderstorm. Thanks to which, I saw a very different side of SF than most other visitors. (Who says it’s always sunny in California?) In my memory, San Francisco is cinematic, slightly melancholic, out of this world, and always a Mecca for the rebels and the misfits.

Its mysteriousness is probably best embodied by the plumes of fog that forever blanket the city. On the postcard, SF looks picturesque and everything shrouded in fog. On the first day, however, the fog really put a damp on my enthusiasm. By the end of my stay, I no longer harboured any fantasy toward fog.

Like everyone else who’s visiting SF for the first time, I toured around the bay area on my first day except that I did it IN FOG & RAIN. When I found myself at the famed Golden Gate Bridge, I couldn’t even see the entirety of the bridge initially. I then waited around while walking on the bridge with an army of cars zipping past. While I was at it, I looked around to see if there’s anyone sitting on the bridge as I remember reading it somewhere before that the bridge had been one of the most eminent attractions for committing suicide. I was a little surprised to see there weren’t anything to stop people from jumping off the bridge except for a sign, which was barely visible in the fog.

By the time I walked back to the park, the fog had thinned out a little bit. The Bridge is beautiful but I guess it wasn’t its best day. So, I quickly took the been-there photo and left for Pier 39 to catch the ferry. The one- hour ferry ride (20-25 USD pp) did what it promised on the pamphlet but nothing more than that. With accompanying audio guide, the boat took us around the waterfront, under the bridge, around Alcatraz and back to the dock. The highlight would have to be some small islands with deserted military barracks, and the foggy view over the city.

Pier 39 was another let-down as there was really nothing interesting to see unless you love American chain restaurants, (Bubba Gump, Hard Rock) souvenir shops, and funfair rides. If you are alone, not hungry, not interested in key chains or magnets, stay away from Pier 39.

Before heading back to my hotel, I made a detour and visited the palace of fine arts.
Located within walking distance from the bridge, it is not an art museum as the name might suggest. It is a gigantic Greek-style architecture bordered by a lagoon lake. With its enormous rotunda and towering columns, this place is a popular choice for filming locales and wedding pictorials. Well, for a movie enthusiast like myself, it did cheer me up a little bit and put a slightly more upbeat ending to the gloomy day.

In retrospect, the bay area turned out to be my least favourite part of the town. True, the bridge was magnificent, but next time I’m in town, I think I’d much prefer admire it from afar. [more ]

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the best and most visited highlights of San Francisco is undoubtedly the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s amazing how a huge mass of steel could become a world famous attraction and at the same time, the touristic highlight where most suicides have been committed. As I saw it for the first time, I understood why people felt so attracted to it. I think it’s mostly because you feel like you’ve achieved something when you get there and take your own picture of the bridge, but it’s obviously also because of its beauty. I cannot describe the amount of tourists visiting it when I was there. It was amazing. [more ]

Golden Gate - visiting in many ways

There are many ways to visit the Golden Gate. If you decide to drive until the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and park your car near Presidio, you benefit from amazing views and the history of the Spanish, Mexican and USA armies.

You can also start by the gift shop and walk across the bridge – half-way there are some sort of rest areas with amazing views to San Francisco and the bay.

If you have a bike you may want to go on to the other side – and visit Sausalito and Tiburon. Amazing landscapes and views guaranteed.

Personally I prefer the water way – either taking a ferry and see the Golden Gate from bellow, or just sailing with some friends. Sailing allows you for more freedom and personal space, you control your time. You can also rent sailing boats in the area – or even windsurf under the Golden Gate!! [more ]

The Golden Gate Bridge

If you are planning on taking a trip to San Francisco, California then you need to check out the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the largest bridges in America. If you are lucky, you can get a tour and they will explain to you how the city workers of San Francisco climb to the top of the bridge to paint it and all of the particular strategies they use to prevent themselves from falling into San Francisco Bay. Another great thing about the Golden Gate Bridge is that you can see Beautiful San Francisco Bay from there and also you can see the famous Alcatraz Building where they used to ship prisoners a many years ago. [more ]

Golden Gate Bridge cycling trip

Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was a must for us and Blazing Saddles Cycles provided good bikes, maps, directions, ferry tickets if you want to do only one way, and a 24 hour drop off point. Our trip along the coast, over the bridge and back with lots of time to stand and stare took 3.5 hours and with using the $5.00 off voucher in the San Fran tourist guide, cost us $27 each and it was well worth it. We cycled both ways but friends got the ferry back from Sausalito where there were lots of cafes to replace their energy. Listen carefully to the description of the route as it wasn’t clear to us at times, especially just before the bridge when you need to double back and climb up the hill on the main road. Watch for the signs that tell you about the dangers of jumping from the bridge. Stop at the half way point for a photo. Its downhill all the way home [more ]

The Golden Gate Bridge

The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in America. It is approximately 1.7 miles long and has six lanes of traffic. Many people cross the Golden Gate Bridge everyday by car or bus. However, many others like to cross the famous bridge by foot or by bike.

When crossing the bridge a toll fee is required. All cars and motorcycles with two axles are required to pay $5. If the vehicle has more than two axles, then $2.50 per axle is charged. There are fast track passes available that lowers the toll to $4 for two axle cars and motorcycle and an additional $2 per additional axle. Any carpools vehicles with three or more passengers coming across the bridge during the hours of 5AM and 9AM and 4PM and 6PM, Monday through Friday receive a toll free pass.

All types of vehicles are allowed to pass the Golden Gate Bridge. However, hybrid cars are not permitted to drive in the carpool lanes. All hybrid cars pay the same tolls are the other two axle vehicles.

Wheelchairs are permitted on the sidewalks of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, rollerblades, skateboards, and roller-skates are not permitted at anytime. Pedestrians are allowed to walk across the east side of the bridge only during daylight hours. People on bicycles are allowed to cross the bridge on the east side 24 hours per day. All bicycles are allowed to pass toll free.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an attraction that anyone visiting San Francisco should see and cross. [more ]

San Francisco – sunset above the Golden Gate Bridge

The sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge creates a unique atmosphere. Also in the evening, there aren’t so many tourists there anymore, so you should really go there once during your stay in San Francisco. This is also the time of the day, when you see the joggers at the beach, and some surfers are still out on the water. But be careful, even in the summer it might get quite cold in the evening. Especially at the water it can also get really windy there. And don’t forget to bring your camera; the pictures of the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge are amazing. [more ]

The landmark of landmarks

At the risk of sounding like an insufferable tourist, you can walk around San Francisco all week long, but it's when you go to the Golden Gate bridge that you feel you've truly arrived in San Francisco. I literally gasped the first time I saw it, because it's just as magnificent as it looks on the television, so vibrant and huge. I have about a millon photos of myself with the bridge in the background, just because I wanted to prove that I'd been there. It should definitely be on the top of the list if you're visiting San Francisco for the first time. A wonderful sight to see. [more ]

The Golden Gate Bridge

What better reason to visit San Francisco than to see the amazing Golden Gate Bridge? The view is much better in person. Before coming to San Francisco, I had seen this bridge everywhere, but never had the chance to come in personal contact with the bridge. The bridge is red, long and spans over the beautiful bay. A great idea is to just talk a walk over the bridge. Everyday you can see plenty of pedestrians and bike riders making a journey over the bridge. Though it is rather long bridge, getting over by foot is not to strenuous. The best spot to view the bridge is from Marin's Vista Point. From here you get an amazing look from the bridge’s northern edge. [more ]

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