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Meteora, Kastrákion

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Meteora - fascinating Greek monasteries

When the Ottoman Army invaded Greece and stayed for a few centuries, at some point monks found refuge in the rocky cliff mountains of Meteora. These very inaccessible areas thus provided them shelter to keep their faith going on – at the same time making such a beautiful ensemble of monasteries and nature.

The monasteries are fascinating, among which do visit The Holy Trinity, The Great Meteora, Vaarlam, Agio Nikolaou Anapafsa, etc.

Staying in the little city of Kalampaka may be the best logistics option – just adjacent to most of the monasteries. In terms of airports, driving from Thessalonica takes about 3-4 hours – about the same to Athens. [more ]


Meteora is mostly famous for its beautiful monasteries. I heard there used to be around 24 or 25 monasteries, but now also 6 still stand and can be visited. Unfortunately the group we came with only had planned to visit three of them, so we couldn’t see the rest of them. I really enjoyed the day we spent there, but I must say that the town is rather small and I am glad we didn’t spend a night there, because on our way we only saw few bars and restaurants. What is also a problem about visiting Meteora is climbing to the monasteries. Some have bridges, but others only have stairs carved in the cliff, so it may get a bit difficult for some. [more ]

Meteora:The Monastery of Great Meteoron

I must say that this monastery was one of the weirdest thing I have ever seen in Greece. The monastery is nice and looks like a usual monastery, but it hides a very weird custom. When the monks that have been serving in this monastery die, they pass through a usual burial ceremony. But this is not the end of it. After a few years they dig out their bodies, which are obviously mainly bones by then and display them in a room of the monastery. So you get to see all those skulls and bones. It is really creepy, but very interesting at the same time. [more ]

Meteora:Agias Triadas

The Agios Triadas Monastery is very similar to the Agios Stefanos monastery. This one also stands on a very high cliff, but the difference is that the Agios Triadas has no bridge, so you must climb the whole cliff. There are stairs, but anyway, it is really tiresome. But I think it’s worth it. The location is really beautiful and you get a really nice view of the ground from up there. The monastery dates from the late 15th century. Remember to wear clothes that cover your legs, in respect for the nuns that live there. [more ]

Meteora:Agios Stefanos Monastery

This monastery is definitely one of the main attractions of Meteora. There were very many tourists when we went there, but we enjoyed being around more people. The monastery stands on a very high cliff, but you can get there easily, thanks to the bridge. The monastery still functions as a monastery and it’s inhabited by nuns, which are very friendly. But make sure you wear proper clothes that completely cover your legs. The interior of the building is beautiful and very well taken care of. The monastery hosts the head of St. Steven and is therefore really important for the Orthodox. It’s really worth the visit. [more ]

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