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Neuschwanstein, Füssen

4.0 stars


Neuschwanstein Palace (not's a Schloss not a burg)

Actually, I am a tour guide that takes people to Neuschwanstein at least once every week, so I’m a little biased, but even after going to Neuschwanstein a couple hundred times, it’s still a wonderful day trip from Munich. A few quick tips:
1. Take the bus up and walk down, you’ll thank me later.
2. Take the gorge down if it is open, walking along the waterfalls is great.
3. Make sure you have your tickets BEFORE you go up to the castle.
4. If you have time, go to Hohenschangau castle as well, the tour inside is better than in Neuschwanstein by a long shot.
5. If you’re unsure about any of this, take a tour from Munich, it’s the only real way to do it and see everything in one day, otherwise you’ll have to spend a night in the near by town of Fuessen to even attempt it, but I still bet you’ll miss something major doing it yourself. [more ]

New Swan Stone

We drove out to Neuschwanstein from Munich, and the countryside was just beautiful - worth it on it's own. Disappointingly we had to wait a couple of hours after we got there for the next English tour, but we sat in the sun by the lake and then walked slowly up to the castle itself. We had a beer at the cafe about 100m from the castle itself, and it was really a great day just relaxing. I find the story behind the castle really interesting but probably would have liked to hear more information from the tour guide, rather than looking it up myself.
Definitely worth a visit, but allow a full day. [more ]

The German Cinderella castle

This castle, in the Bavarian region of Germany, is worthy of dreams and fantasies. It was not in vain that Neuschwanstein was source of inspiration for Walt Disney to create the Cinderella Castle. Indeed, the fairy tale castle was (and still is!) a luxury. Built by many architects and artists of the region, the castle has plenty of gold in its premises besides a lift projected by Leonardo da Vinci to do the transport of the food for the majesty from kitchen to his own bedroom, an extravagance of the King Ludwig II. The location, near Hohenschwangau and Fussen in southwest Bavaria, is also astonishing. I recommend walking around the castle and stopping in the Marienbrucke (bridge), from where you can have a full view towards the castle and of the amazing landscape, with lagoons and vegetation. [more ]

Marienbrücke - the Neuschwanstein bridge

Visiting Neuschwanstein is a must if you really want to see one of the best examples of fantasy architecture and what the power of dreams can do. Call it madness if you want – but beautiful madness!!

Well but to avoid the madness of too many tourists and to deal with your waiting times to enter the castle – I highly recommend a walk up into Mary’s bridge. This will take you some 15 minutes walking – but the Neuschwanstein view from there is amazing.

Marien Brücke was named after King Ludwig II’s mother. Bellow there is a nice waterfall and along the path back to Neuschwanstein there is a perfect spot to an incredible view of the Alpsee and the Hohenschwangau Castle. [more ]

Fairytale castle

I have seen my share of churches, castles and fortifications around Europe but nothing comes close to the view of Neuschwanstein from the Marienbrücke. It is absolutely stunning! I was there for a day to see the Neuschwanstein castle as well as the Hohenschwangau castle right next to it. To really experience the castle you probably need a day since there is some walking involved as well as some waiting. The tour of the castle itself is not very long, a mere 20 minutes but enough to see that the castle though beautiful on the inside really has its exterior as its main charm. The castle was the inspiration for the Disney logo and when you are there it is easy to understand why the man who built it, Ludwid II of Bavaria, was called the fairytale prince. [more ]

Neuschwanstein Castle

So obvious that you guys all know about this famous castle in Germany. I do think it deserves its title though. I was there with my fiance and a few friends last time, and we did take a walk up to the castle, which took us about half an hour. We were spending time taking photos and all that, you know travelers’ stuff when you get to a new place, especially such a beautiful place like that. From the castle, you would have a perfect view from the whole surrounding area. But the view from Marienbrücke would make the most perfect photos from Neuschwanstein Castle. Let me quote Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria since 1864:
“It is my intention to rebuild the old castle ruin of Hohenschwangau near the Pöllat Gorge in the authentic style of the old German knights’ castles, and I must confess to you that I am looking forward very much to living there one day (in 3 years’ time); there will be several cosy, habitable guest rooms with a splendid view of the noble Säuling, the mountains of Tyrol and far across the plain; you know the revered guest I would like to accommodate there; the location is one of the most beautiful to be found, holy and unapproachable, a worthy temple for the divine friend who has brought salvation and trie blessing to the world. It will also remind you of “Tannhäuser” (Singers’s Hall with a view of the castle in the background), “Lohengrin” (castle courtyard, open corridor, path to the chapel); this castle will be in every way more beautiful and habitable than Hohenschwangau further fown, which is desecrated every year by the prose of my mother; they will take revenge, the desecrated Gods, and come to love with us on the lofty heights, breathing the air of heaven”.
Wow... it sounds like something he was really keen on doing and he succeeded. [more ]

Neuschwanstein Castle

Heard of this famous castle before? This castle is very well-known for its beauty of its own and its surrounding. Situated on top of a mountain the castle has a great view which not too many other places will ever be able to have. I personally was not so impressed by its interior design and decoration to suggest you to spend your money on some tickets for a guide tour inside the castle. The line is always super long and you will be disappointed as your expectation may be a bit more than what you may see inside. The surrounding is however a nature beauty. To enjoy this beautiful scene completely you should take some time and walk up to the castle, which can take up to 30 minutes but can give you the greatest view ever. Even though a ticket for a bus ride up to the castle costs only 1,-, I still suggest a good walk up there to have a chance for great photo shootings and fresh air. [more ]

Neuschwanstein Palace and Lake

The palace at Neuschwanstein in Bavaria is a popular and busy location given the dramatic setting and picturesque architecture of this “fairy-tale” schloss (used in the film “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” among others!)

If you want to get away from the bustle of the tourist crowds however then my top tip, and something we stumbled on almost by accident, is that you can hire a rowing boat on the lake behind the palace and row yourself out for a bit of peace and quiet and a rather dramatic viewpoint for photos of the palace.

A hiking trail on the hills opposite the palace also takes you up to some impressive viewpoints but this also gets quite busy. [more ]

Castle Neuschwanstein

Schloss Neuschwanstein (Castle NeuSchwanstein=

This is one of the most beloved castles in all of Germany. It is also know as the Snow White Castle where the classic movie from Disney takes place. For Americans it is one of the top tourist destinations. For this reason, the place is overrun with tourists, commonly refered to in Germany as „Tourist Holle“ - Tourist Hell. One reason for the popularity must be for the perfect setting that the castle is in. It over looks the Alps ad sits high up right next to a clear lake. I highly enjoyed a visit here. Some of my most beautiful pictures were taken here. The castle looks like it came right out of a fairytale, or better yet the story „Snow White.“ [more ]

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