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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

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The Brandenburg Gate (Tor) is one of those tourist attractions that is really a must-see in Berlin, sort of like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It's one of those symbols of the city, and also a great spot for photos. However, no matter what you're doing in Berlin you will probably stumble upon it - it's hard to miss, and conveniently located among plenty of other tourist hot-spots. The Tiergarten behind it and Strasse des 17 Juni are great places to relax, take a stroll and soak up the atmosphere. In front, Unten de Linden has plenty of great old buildings, tourist shops and cafes. [more ]

The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) was designed as a triumphal arch for King Frederick Wilhelm II in the late 1700’s. Today, this is your best photo opportunity in Berlin. No matte what you do in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate should be on the list, although it would be impressive not to stumble upon it anyways with its location. It’s lit up and nice to see at night, during the day the pedestrian area in front of it is quite busy with all kinds of tourists, tours, street musicians, and the like…similar to what I’m used to around Marienplatz in Munich. If there is one thing you see in Berlin, I guess this is what I’d say to see, however, remember you should have (at least) a full week for Berlin in my opinion! [more ]

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a legendary symbol of Berlin. We were told by our tour guide that during the Communist era in Germany, standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate would have made us marks for soldiers. The area in front of the gate was a no-man's land. Now it is a gathering place for locals and tourists.

There's the 12 Doric columns and on top of the gate is a statue of a chariot and horseman. It is an imposing and memorable structure.

In the area is the Hotel Adlon, where Michael Jackson infamously dangled one his children from a window. Sadly, that is as much of a tourist attraction now as the gate itself. [more ]

Brandenburg Gate

When I was there a big soccer ball sat next to the gate, but that is probably not the strangest here that evered happened here. Napoleon visited here and took the sculpture of the goddess Viktoria back to Paris. During WWII Russians troops used this as a staging area for an attack on the nearby Reichstag. It survuved Allied bombing, then stood idle during the cold war. Reagan spoke here and now the stately monument is a symbol of a reunited Germany. Since reunification it is a good place to come and hang out and watch the parade of people go by. [more ]

Brandenburg Gate - the symbol of German reunification

I've been living in Berlin for four months now, yet everytime I see the Brandenburger Tor I still feel a little rush of joy! The gate is known as the symbol of German Reunification as it sat in the Death Strip between the Eastern and Western walls from 1961-1989. You can see some really amazing photographs of people sitting on top of the wall in November of 89' in this spot.

When standing in busy Pariser Platz take a look at the Quadriga driven by Viktoria the godess of victory. Napoleon stole the statue in the 18th Century and put her in the Louvre Museum. However, six year later the Germans restored her from France and placed her back on top of Brandenburg Gate replacing her olive wreath with the iron cross. If you look at her face now and follow her gaze you'll notive she's staring down menacingly at the French Embassy! You can almost imagine her thinking 'You won't get me again Frenchies!'

You can't visit Berlin and not go to see Brandenburg Gate, it's very close to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and the German Parliament (Reichstag). [more ]

Brandenburg Gate (Tor)

Built during the 18th-century reign of Friedrich Wilhelm II, this famous monument has long since been a defining symbol of Berlin. Whether it was the city's division, as Brandenburg Gate was located in no-man's land between East and West Germany during the Cold War or when the Berlin Wall came down, as a symbol of the freedom of unity of the City of Berlin, it’s certainly an impressive sight. You definitely know you are in Berlin and you can certainly relate to it from all the news broadcasts that have been beamed around the world over the years. Just stand in front of it and soak up its grandeur and splendour. [more ]

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