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Mall of America, Nicols

4.0 stars


Where to Start?....

Mall of America has anything and everything that you’d be looking for in both shopping and entertainment from department stores and specialty shops, an amusement park, underground aquarium, megaplex movie theatre and an assortment of bars and clubs. There is plenty of parking and it’s free. Furthermore, there are plenty of restaurants, snack stands, and food courts to choose from. There’s no way you could go hungry. The décor of the mall is nice as well…placing green, luscious trees throughout. This little touch really adds to the ambience of the facility. [more ]

Underwater Adventures Aquarium

One of the primary attractions at the Mall of America, and probably the best place to take your kids besides the Nickelodeon Universe and Lego Land. The Underwater Adventures Aquarium is really an impressive attraction considering that it's contained in the basement of a mall, and it features everything from sand tiger sharks to actual alligators.

There are tons of options too. I strongly recommend taking one of the headsets, because it really gives you a lot of interesting, education information. And I also recommend the behind-the-scenes tour, because it really gives you a different perspective on the aquarium as a whole. I found the latter even more interesting than the normal walk.

If nothing else, take your kids here for the sharks. There are a lot of them, and the sand tiger sharks in particular look impressive. I guarantee they won't be able to stop talking about them for the rest of the trip! [more ]

Napa Valley Grill

This is the most expensive restaurant in the Mall of America, but when you eat here, you pretty much forget that you're eating in a mall. It's a pretty upscale place with dinner entrées that are in the 20-30 dollar range (there's always one cheap one... I had a bacon cheeseburger for 14 dollars and it was incredible).

The draw of this place is the superb selection of wines. The wine list is much longer than the menu, and wines are grouped by their strength.

If you have absolutely no idea what you like, you might try one of their "Wine Flights." You get a prix fixe menu with a different glass of wine associated with each meal choice. This way, you get to try three different wines that have been expertly assigned to perfectly match the dishes you choose.

As for making a menu decision, everything is incredible... you can't go wrong. However, I highly recommend the meat dishes, because the red wines are absolutely incredible, and the pairings are great. [more ]


It's hard to see a mall as being a tourist attraction, but in the case of the Mall of America, it definitely is.

If you're in the Minneapolis area, you should definitely take a look at this place. It's like every mall in America... except ten times more awesome. There are five floors of things to see, and aside from the usual shops that you see at every mall, there are at least three stores devoted entirely to Minnesota goods: everything you could possibly want or need with a Bison stamped on it.

There's also the famous amusement park in the middle, which was recently changed from a Snoopy theme to Nickelodeon. There is also a small LegoLand where you can play with legos for free.

I never understood how Middle School kids could spend all their time hanging out at the mall, but this one is definitely a fun place to hang around on a lazy afternoon. [more ]

The Mall of America

The Mall of America, also known by locals as the “mega mall” is a perfect place to visit if you are staying in Minneapolis. Where do I start? I mean, this place is awesome. There is five floors of cool stores, bars, resteraunts and theme parks. If you go to the Mall of America you will never be bored. There is always something to do there, such as “Camp Snoopy” or “Sponge Bob them park.” Also, any kind of store that you are looking for can be found in the Mall of America. Not just one kind but say for example you are looking for a sports store. There is this place there called “Oshman’s Super Sports that has a basketball court inside and a boxing ring where you can put on the boxing gloves and beat each other up. If you are in Minneapolis make sure to check out the Mall of America. [more ]

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