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Museo del Prado, Madrid

4.0 stars


Francis Bacon comes to Madrid

Well not literally, but his paintings and objects. A major retrospective to commemorate his birth in 1909, it's on till 19th April only - so hurry! I wasn't a huge fan, but this exhibition changed my perspective. He was obviously a very talented artist, troubled (but who isn't!), but had his own way of seeing people. Stripped to the naked flesh, often looking quite gorry to begin with until you appreciate what he's trying to illustrate. There's a great video, at the end, of an interview where he explains many of his influences. For once its in English with Spanish subtitles, and all the text with the paintings are also translated to both ES and EN. A very well put together exhibition, for the novice or experienced to enjoy. check out website for opening hour & pre-guide tour [more ]

The home of Spanish paintings

I believe that Prado is the most impressive museum of Spain and one of the most important of Europe. Despite of the museum has paintings from artists worldwide; the highlight is the huge collection of Spanish works, the bigger of the world. Paintings from Velasquez and Goya are just some samples of what you will find in Prado. Besides the great collection of paintings, I also liked the building, built in the end of 18th Century that has amazing architecture in neoclassic style. In front of the entrance, the statue of Velasquez completes the decoration. The museum is remarkable and in my opinion, deserves a day to explore it, once you will find masterpieces and may need extra time to observe them. [more ]

Madrid - must visit Prado Museum

A classical must visit – a voyage into the history of art that fascinates and populates our essential education as civilized people. An impressive magnificent museum indeed – with such powerful paintings!! You will need days to see it all – go up and down in all floors. You will find paintings of Bosch, Velazquez, Goya, Dürer, Tintoretto, Poussin, Rembrandt, Veronese, El Greco, Rubens, Murillo – and so many amazing others!
I was at Prado in March 09 and “Flaming June” from F. Leighton was also in exhibition – together with other British “Arthurian” thematics, much for my delight.
The entrance to Prado is free for the permanent exhibitions in the late hours of the day. The Atocha underground station is quite close, as you walk from the Royal Botanical Garden. [more ]

The Prado

Unless you're an utter philistine, visiting the Prado is a must for every Madrid tourist. The trouble is, there's far too much inside to be anything other than overwhelming. I recommend either going with a knowledgeable guide, or arranging for a tour via the museum's Education Service. If you can't be bothered with all that faff and don't know anyone to guide you, here are a few 'must sees'.
1. Goya - take in his life in paintings, from his early tapestry work to the horrors of his Black Paintings.
2. Velazquez - Spain's premier painter is best represented by the impressive and puzzling Las Meninas. What's really the subject of this painting?
3. Hieronymus Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights. Nothing has ever blown me away as much as this astonishing work of beauty and horror. It looks like it could have been painted by Dali, yet Bosch completed it between 1500 and 1505.
Just looking at these works should take a whole morning. An additional note is that, on Sundays entrance is free. [more ]

Museo del Prado

One of the most interesting highlights of Madrid is the Museo del Prado. It is an art museum and hosts works of art of many worldwide known artists. Some of the biggest names whose works of art can be seen in the Museo del Prado are Goya, Velazquez, Dali, Rubens, Picasso, Sorolla, Gaudi, Miro. The paintings and the sculptures are impressive, but that is not all you can see in the museum. They also have very old coins and medals. I loved the museum and recommend it to all. The entrance fee is really cheap and there are many ways you can get a reduced price. Persons under 18 enter for free at any time. Very close to this museum lies the Museum of Archaeology, which is also worth seeing. [more ]

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