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Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna

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Imperial Silver collection

Imperial Silver collection is a part of the Hofburg Imperial Apartments Museum. It is an exhibition of silverware, dining service, central pieces and glassware that has been used by the Habsburg during the whole period of their rule right until the end of Austro – Hungarian monarchy. Some of the most famous pieces include Milan centerpiece, which is almost 30 meters long, you can find porcelain from all of the world, East Asia, Vienna and Serves, gold and silverwork more notably Vienna Court Silver and numerous other pieces.

Opening hours daily from 9:00am until 5:00pm, July and August from 9:00amuntil 5:30pm price of admission 9,90€ (ticket includes Sissi Museum and Imperial apartments). [more ]

Hofburg Palace

The Hofburg Palace should be top on your list of sights to see in Vienna. This building was started in the 13th century and has its charm today. When I was here on a Sunday, I even had a chance to hear the very famous Vienna Boy’s Choir sing, of course I reserved my tickets well in advance.
If you want to see the Boy’s Choir you need reserve at least 2 months in advance. You can find them singing in the Chapel from September till March at the Sunday Mass at 9.15 sharp. If you are interested you can also email
Inside the palace you will get the chance to see the Kaiser’s imperial apartments, personal collection as well as many small museum collections.
The other important thing about this palace is that the office of the President of Austria can be found here. However, don’t expect to see that part of the tour. Unless you have some special ties to him, in which case you should write me an email. [more ]

Vienna's Imperial Palace: Experience History and Opulence

I highly recommend a visit to the Imperial Palace especially if opulent architecture is of particular interest! The Imperial Palace is a fine example of striking monument architecture, extremely fine motifs, and majestic splendor is visible throughout the palace and indicative of late 19th century architecture. The massive staircase exudes a richness and elegance reserved for royalty. According to the tour guide, the Palace was the heart of the Habsburg dynasty. It was built from the “Old Palace” (from the thirteenth century) with final additions dating to the early 1900s.
After the monarchy in Vienna ended, the palace became the repository for at least three major collections: the Arms & Armor collection, the Ephesus collection, and the Ancient Musical Instruments collection. Also located at the Imperial Palace is the country’s treasury housing touted as the “most important treasure chamber” housing the imperial crown of the Roman Empire.

In addition to museums, there are several eating establishments and a central park. Actually, walking through the Imperial Palace is like visiting a museum by itself. I greatly enjoyed ascending the marble staircase or to marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship present in the ceiling detail. At first I felt as if I were a trespasser wandering the halls of the royal’s residence. But the staff guides were so helpful that I quickly felt as if I were royalty myself. Take a step back in time and enjoy—even if just for a moment—the feeling of being part of Vienna’s royal fixtures; you can almost hear the waltz echoing through the now empty halls. You must visit the Imperial Palace to truly experience Vienna.
[more ]

Hofburg complex

The Hofburg is the main palace complex in the Austrian capital Vienna, serving as the main residens for most of the emperors of the Austrian empire for several centuries. Currently it houses the national library, as well as a number of museums. There are several different inner and outer courtyards, most of them featuring the most prominent Austrian emperors and politicians like Franz Josef, Josef II and Prince Eugen as well as a strange big monument of a Roman emperor or military leader who I could not recognise. There are also several chapels and one quite big church belonging to the Dominicans in which the decoration was prety simple, but I especially liked the great golden high altar. [more ]

Hofburg in the heart of Vienna

If you’re wandering the streets of Vienna central, you’re most likely to come by the impressive Hofburg Imperial Palace, which has housed some of the most powerful people in Austrian history. I found it to be an attractive, elaborate structure, and in keeping with the high standards of art and architecture in Vienna, it is adorned and surrounded by remarkable works of sculpture.
What I liked best about Hofburg is that though it is a notable landmark, it’s not imposing or secluded. It mingles fluidly into the cityscape and one can wander freely through its picturesque gateways. [more ]

Hofburg Imperial Apartments

Hofburg Imperial Apartments are located at Innerer Burghof, Kaisertor (take U-Bahn to Herrengasse).

If you want to know how exactly did the Habsburg lived you will not get a better opportunity to check then to visit the Imperial Apartments. It feels like getting a sneak peek into the daily life of the royals. There are more then 2500 rooms, only 22 are opened up to the public. It was where Franz Joseph and Elizabeth (Sissi) lived and ruled the monarchy. The rooms are decorated in Rococo style and all the furnishings are Louis XV and the Empire style. There is a large Audience room, Dining hall and even Conference room where crown council held their meetings. A must see for the first time visitor of Vienna.

Opening hours from 9:00 until 5:00pm daily, July and August 89:00am until 5:30pm. Price of admission is 9,90€ (Imperial apartment, The Imperial silver collection and Sissi museum). [more ]

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