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Sanssouci, Potsdam

4.0 stars


Sanssouci Palaces

The Palaces and gardens of Sanssouci near Potsdam are one of the nicest palace complexes in the whole Germany. There are several different palaces – the Old palace of Sanssouci with its terraces with statues and fountains; the New palace which looks very monumental and also the palace Charlottenhof. Between all them there are wonderful gardens full of trees, alleys and statues. Important tip – you’d better not visit the palaces in the late autumn or winter, since all the statues are covered with some wooden boxes to be preserved from the bad weather. [more ]

Schloss Sanssouci - the breathtaking Prussian palace

I was absolutely amazed when I saw these palaces and gardens. The only palace I had seen before this was Buckingham Palace!! I hadn't been in Germany for long when I went to visit and I was just stunned by the beauty of it all.

The first palace you come to when entering the grounds full of squirrels and mole hills was the first built here and my favourite. If you walk left through the hedged garden paths past the swan filled lake you'll come across the second built palace which has around 400 rooms and a theatre. Also on the grounds is a Chinese tea house of shimmering gold paint and statues, a windmill, a picture gallery, and a crypt holding Frederick the Great's remains.

We spent an hour or two strolling the gardens, pretending to be Prussian Kaisers pondering what to do about the French. I think the area is just so beautiful. We didn't actually go into the palace as we thought it would probably take a whole day and didn't really have the time. But we shall return! [more ]

Park Sanssouci

The Park is probably the biggest Park I have ever been to. The park is also host of the Palace Sanssouci which is also very beautiful and should be visited while in the park. Some other things to see in the park are the New Palace which is most probably three times as big s the old Palace but personally I think the old one is a lot more beautiful, especially because of its amazing vineyards.
The gardens in the Park are magnificent and impossible to miss since they are everywhere.
The Park makes a great place to take a walk and just enjoy the view and the extremely beautiful architecture of all of the structures there. [more ]

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