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Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

4.0 stars


Van Gogh Museum: Waiting to see the Works of the Master

There are almost as many museums as there are tulips in Amsterdam. However, depending upon your tastes and time, you may not want to see them all. The Van Gogh Museum building itself was not so impressive consisting of an unremarkable square, brick business-sterile like building. More impressive was the “back yard” consisting of a flag-lined walkway behind the main museum.

What was remarkable was the line which stretched for several Amsterdam city blocks. Even with pre-purchased tickets, the wait was expected to be 45 minutes before entering the building. You can purchase on line or work through your bell captain at your hotel. Either way, you are looking at a wait unless you are a true diehard and are lining up before opening hours!

Art lovers will see this as an equal exchange for the chance to view precious works of the master. Don’t forget to hit the museum shop on the way out, there are prints of every size and shape available of Van Gogh’s work (and they are packaged in a really cool box to boot!)

Plan ahead; have your concierge get tickets well in advance, and be prepared to wait! [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

Right across the street is Van Gogh Museum. We left the bikes safely locked by the Rijksmuseum and walked over to the Van Gogh Museum. The museum was pretty nice. They had all kinds of works from Van Gogh and some other famous artists. Van Gogh Museum is like a great art exhibitions. Funny thing was that before we could get into the most important part of the museum, we had to get through a security gate. It was pretty funny to me actually. I know that this museum is of a lot of great art works, but isn’t it a bit too extreme when all the visitors had to be checked before they could go inside to see them? [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

I am in love with art, and although I really love modern art, I couldn't miss a visit to the famous Van Gogh museum, once in Amsterdam. So I went there after having visited the Rijks Museum. I had expected it to be smaller, so I was really surprised to spend there about two hours. I was also surprised by the security measures taken in the museum. I felt as if I was crossing a border between two countries. But I guess that's essential, given the importance and value of the items on display. I loved the museum and the painting, and the setting. I liked their idea of having a small multi-media center on the upper floor, where one can search for additional information. I would call it a definite must-see for art lovers. [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum is located at Paulus Potterstraat 7. Oh Lord at the Van Gogh Museum I thought I died and gone to heaven. I did love Van Gogh paintings, but when I have read his books of letters that was it for me love affair for life. And my bet is any art lover will feel the same, it is a must see. It has the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings in the world. Also there are his drawings and letters but if that is not enough there are works by Gaugain, Monet, Pissaro and Toulouise Lautrec to name a few. Really do I need to tell you more? Another must see.

Opening hours are daily from 10:00am until 6:00pm, on Fridays from 10:00am until 22:00pm. The price of admission is Ł10.00, while in the summer the price goes up to Ł12.50. [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

One thing that is especially true about Amsterdam is its wide variety of unique museums. Vincent Van Gogh was a very well known artist, and thankfully someone decided to make a museum which is dedicated to his work. The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is one of my personal favorites. At the Van Gogh museum, you can find some really interesting information on Van Gogh’s life and work. The Van Gogh museum is conviently located in the museum district next to some other very well known museums and is also located directly across the street from the diamond museum. If you are the museum type, make sure to stop at the Rijk Museum before hand for a Amsterdam Museum card, which will give you free entry to all the museums in Holland and is only 25 Euro. [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

During the summers, the city of Amsterdam or whoever administers this does something that only a businessman would think of, the admission to the museum goes up by 5 euros in the summer or at least that was the case in the summer of 2004 from the winter price. Meaning one summer an admission ticket cost 14 euros. It is at this point that I suggest even three-day visitors during the summer to just buy a museum card valid for a year all over the Netherlands and 29 museums in Amsterdam alone. If you’re under 24, your Van Gogh ticket already pays for more than half of it. The lines are always long outside the Van Gogh Museum and the amount of people going down in what seems like an assembly line took away from my enjoyment but if you’re a Van Gogh fan, the paintings are heaven on earth. [more ]

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam holds many of the artist’s works, 200 from the over 800 ever found. It offers the public the chance to contrast and compare between different periods of Van Gogh’s life. There are also letters on display, sent or received by the artist. I didn’t look at all the letters because I found that boring. I was curious to see other impressionist painters as well and in one part of the museum other artists’ works are on display. Walking under a specially created passage under the Square and then reaching the Exhibition Wing which is an ellipse around an enclosed pond was something I could never have imagined. This was created by a Japanese architect and gave the museum the final touch it needed. [more ]

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

As you might expect, the more famous of the artist's paintings are here for all to see and I was surprised by how simple and non-restrictive the museum felt. You are essentially free to wander among the paintings at touching distance, although parts of the collection are regularly loaned out elsewhere. (Sunflowers was in New York when I was there). One of the few artists whose work lives up to the hype close up - Cornfield With Crows is particularly broody and captivating. The layout matches Van Gogh's development chronologically and some of his earthy early still life work is as captivating as the more famous later pieces. A must for any Amsterdam visit. [more ]

Van Gogh Museum

As the name suggests, the museum houses the world's largest collection from the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) and features more than 200 paintings and 600 drawings. His works are well organized and displayed chronologically so that it gives you the opportunity to follow his life from beginning to end and understand the personal struggles that he faced. Do pay the extra for the optional audio tour as the commentary only helps to enhance the overall understanding of the deeply troubled mind of a genius. Avoid the long queues by buying your ticket online in advance. No cameras and no large bags are permitted. [more ]

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