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Deutsches Museum, Munich

4.0 stars


Technology and Science geeks rejoice!

For Technology and Science geeks such as myself, the Deutsches Museum in Munich has got to be the holy grail of all that is wonderful about technology.

Having studied Astronomy and Science Communication, it was only natural for me to head to these sections first, and I was rather impressed at the amount of detail contained in each exhibition. I often read reviews where people say that there was not much to read about the exhibited items in the museums that they visit, but at Deutsches Museum, this wasn't the case. There are also hands-on exhibitions for those that are a little more pragmatic.

Those with children should not be discouraged from visiting the museum. There are special areas set aside in the museum for young enquiring minds. 'Childrens World' and the 'Technical Toys' section are quite popular.

For those that don't speak German, there are many translations of the exhibits available in a variety of other languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian. The Planetarium is only in German, but those with a basic knowledge will probably understand. And anyway, it is such a visual delight in the sphere, that what is spoken is not relevant to the enjoyment. There is no better time to visit the Planetarium than in 2009, which is the International Year Of Astronomy.

I believe the entrance price is between about 8 or 9 euros. I thought that this was a really great price, since we were able to spend nearly all day in there. I recommend a visit here when coming to Munich. Whether your visit to the museum is short or long, it is a guranteed good time. Learning has never ben so much fun! [more ]

Make sure you have plenty of time!

The Deutsches Museum if the perfect museum for all your technology and science interested people out there! It is also a very good place to bring children so a family tour is a perfect plan for the day.

The Museum covers just about anything that has been invented by man aswell as good explanation for everything that nature has done over the last couple of thousand years aswell. If you wonder about how something work then the chance that you will find out about it in the Deutsches Museum is very large.

Make sure you have the entire day or better three days if you want to see the entire thing.. Or be smart and chose what you want to see from the guide pamplets in the beginning. The place is absolutely huge. I was especially impressed by their information technology and their aviation part. Bring your student card if you are a student since the student ticket is only 3 euros. [more ]

Deutsches Museum

If you are interested in learning some fascinating Bavarian and German history when traveling to Munich, then the Deutches Museum is the place for you. With its ideal location right near the city center the Deutches Museum is reachable by foot, bike, car, or train. If you like to learn about different kinds of automobiles and what not then you should for sure check out the Deutches Museum. There is also a lot of great information about science and technology there that are directly related to Germany and Bavaria. The Deutches Museum is also a great place to take your family because it is very educational to people of all different ages. [more ]

Deutsches Museum

This museum is probably the biggest museum in the world of its type and according to some of the explanations there it is also said to be the most famous museum in Germany with over 1,4 million visitors per year. I have been to similar museums in Canada and Mexico and this one really is the best I have seen so far.
It has exhibits about science and technology, but also history, design, chemistry, music, decorative art, measurements, electronics, astronomy, agriculture, and a place especially for children. In other words the museum has it all.
The exhibits that I liked the most were the Musical instruments, the Astronomy wing and the Physics wing, I loved them all and I think is the best place to make children love museums. Don’t forget to visit the Health wing which shows a huge human cell and explains how it works. [more ]

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