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Cologne Cathedral (Dome of Cologne)

4.0 stars


Huge and daunting

The cathedral in Cologne is the worlds second tallest church only surpassed by the single spire of the Ulm cathedral. The cathedral is really an impressive sight, it is absolutely huge and gives you a jawdropping experience if you arrive by train. Considering that it took over 600 years to complete the artistic detail is intrisic. You should take the tour to the top of the tower to get a magnificent view of the city, especially the trainbridge entering the city that was completely destroyed during WW2. Add this to climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris and you got yourself some vacation workout! [more ]

The gothic Dom

I was taking a day trip to Cologne from Düsseldorf which was my first base on arriving at Germany, so I really didn’t know what to expect. So on stepping out of the Hauptbahnhof, I was staggered by the immediate view of the looming cathedral.
It is still one of the most fascinating structures I have ever seen with it’s sooty back exterior and Gothic architecture with intricate detailing, carvings and sculptures. I took a look around it and felt like I was in a Batman comic.
The interior was just as intriguing with its stained glass panels, high ceilings and old world grottos and sculpture. I’ve rarely ever been transported into a different world quite so suddenly and it was an excellent way to begin the trip. [more ]

The Cologne cathedral

The Cologne cathedral is one of the most impressive gothic churches in anywhere. Although Cologne is not exactly the center of tourism for Germany, it is definitely worth a visit for the cathedral alone. When I first came to Germany the Cologne cathedral was one of the first things I saw. It’s located right in the center of the city, immediately next to the main train station and hard to miss if you go downtown Cologne at all, because it is the tallest building in the city. The appearance of the cathedral is very much like gothic churches of the French type rather than what you typically find in Germany. The trip up to the top of one of the towers is over 500 steps and can be uncomfortable for many. It was the world’s tallest building for 4 years and was beaten by the Washington Monument, at the time. If you’re thinking you might be able to fit even a few hours stop in Cologne, you should be able to take a good look around the cathedral, definitely worth your time! [more ]

Cologne Cathedral (Dom)

A fabulous Gothic cathedral. It took over 500 years to complete; is perhaps Germany's most famous religious structure and it seriously dominates Cologne's skyline. You can’t really miss it ...from anywhere, as its sheer size is unbelievable. Guided tours are available (look for the sign that says “English Tours” when you first enter) as it’s definitely worthwhile to learn about the history and the exhibits from the experts as there is just so much to see. If you’re feeling fit, climb the steps (all 509 of them) to the top for some stunning views over Cologne and the surrounding area. It truly is an awe inspiring sight, both inside and out, and when lit up at night, it's just crying out to be used as a back drop in the next Batman movie. [more ]


The Dome of Cologne is the most famous gothic building in Germany and definitely deserves its fame. The cathedral is enormous. I had heard that it was huge, but was truly stunned when I saw it before my eyes. You can’t imagine it’s magnitude until you actually go there and see it for yourself. The interior is amazing as well. When I visited it, in the holiday season two winters ago, they had built a scene of the Bible, the one about the birth of Jesus Christ. It was lovely. The cathedral has a tower where you can get only on foot, and some people told me it takes too long and that it was very tiresome, so I didn’t go up there, but I recommend it to all that have the strength and the time. [more ]

Kölner Dom, church of Cologne

Kölner Dom

The large Kölner Dom is the largest church in Germany. This Dom is unbelievably large. On the train into Köln the first thing you see is this massage church right next to the train station. Right next to the church there are usually lots of street performers, protesters for past wars, and sometimes different events. When I was there was a large setup of garbage shaped into people. There must have been one hundred of these garbage people lined up into straight rows.

Inside the Kölner Dom, it looks like every other church in Germany. However, in this church you can climb a very long flight of steps to the top for a spectacular view. When I say long, I mean that the flight of stairs to the top is really long. Thankfully there is a resting point in the center. At this point you can take a look at the bell in the Kölner Dom that rings every hour. Be warned though, if you are in the bell area when it rings, it can be really loud! After the long needed break, continue up to the top. A lot of people give up and start climbing down. If you do that, then you are going to miss out on a very amazing view of Köln. At the top, you can see the whole see from behind a netted wire. This wire gets in the way of good camera shots, but if you are careful you can still take great pictures.

By the end of the whole climbing up and down the tower, you will probably be exhausted like I was, but thankfully there is a few nice cafes right in the area. [more ]

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