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National Theatre, Prague

4.0 stars


Accessible Culture in Prague at the National Theatre

If you want to do something slightly more cultural than drinking beer whilst in Prague, then I would recommend checking out the National Theatre (Narodni Divadlo). It's an amazing building right in the centre of town, so very easy to get to. There's always a mixture of opera, ballet and theatre for you to choose from and tickets start at a ridiculous 100 crowns (roughly 3.5 euro). Even if you just go in and look at the building without staying for the performance, I think it's a reasonable price. Tickets can be bought either online or at the theatre. [more ]

National Theatre

If you're headed over to the Globe Café, consider making it a pre
and/or post stop to an evening performance at the National Theater.
Being in this theatre alone is an awe-inspiring experience, and even
if you don't have a handle on Czech, you can still enjoy an evening at
the theatre with some of Prague's best actors. Also worth a look is
the gift shop and information center in the underpass next door to the
theatre, where they sell posters from previous performances; a fun
take-home souvenir. And you'd get to check out the stunning
architecture in both daylight and dark. [more ]

National Theatre: Narodni divadlo

One of the best meeting points of culture in Prague. The building is absolutely beautiful I admire the Czechs for having so much culture, music, theater, museums, libraries, etc. They are lovers of culture, good ambassadors of Europe. They really represent the images I had of Europe. This building was erected in 1868 as a political demonstration. The outside and inside were completed later by the three generations of artists. The Theater is the stage for important performances like opera, ballet, music and drama. The Czechs must be proud of it. When you get inside you take a culture breath. [more ]

National Theater

National Theater is located at Narodni 2 (Prague 1, take Metro to Národni třída or trams 6,9, 17, 18 or 22).

National Theater is situated right next to Vltava river and it is a venue for numerous ballet and opera performances. The building itself was constructed between 1868 to 1681. while interior had to restored after a fire in 1883. At the time patriotism was at its all time high and Bohemians wanted a place where plays would be in Czech languages so they have asked for a permission from Ferdinand V and got it to construct this building. It was completely funded by public donations. The interior is also a showcase for work by Czech artists most notably Ženišek who did the ceiling paintings in the magnificent foyer. [more ]

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