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Eiffel Tower, Paris

4.0 stars


Timing is Key

I've heard a lot of complaints about huge lines for going up the Tower, and I know that it's true: I live right by the tower, and the crowds are atrocious most of the time. Most tourists resign themselves to the fact that at a lot of attractions in Paris, they are just going to have to wait, but there is another way.

Try going up at night instead. There's almost never a line: when I took some friends up, we were the only ones there! We just walked right up to the window and bought our tickets, and as for the elevator, we got the full 360 degree look through the glass walls as there were maybe three other people in there with us.

Some people say that it's no good to go up at night because of the light show, which goes off every hour for about ten minutes. The strange part is that you don't even notice it that much when you're up there, and if it does bother you, you can go inside and grab a coffee for the ten minutes it lasts for. [more ]

Eiffel Towel

I believe that everyone has already known about this famous Towel and that many people also wrote about this Towel too. I personally got a bit disappointed when I wanted to explore this magnificent towel on foot. My cousin and I were only able to climb up to the second floor after paying 3€ each. But the view up there was just terrific and unforgettable.
I remember visiting the souvernir store at each floor on the tower. Of course buying anything here would be super foolish, for you always have to pay a lot more expensive for a pretty much same thing that you can get down on the ground for real cheap.Yeah, Paris and cheap... I mean just relatively... [more ]

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

I think the Eiffel Tower is one of the musts for pretty much all first time Paris visitors. The best view of the Eiffel Tower is from Trocadero in the sunset right after all the lights are on. But the view from the tower is without doubt more impressing.

We passed by the Eiffel Tower two times during the day, but were put off by the long lines. It must have been over hundred people and over an hours waiting. And standing in line is not the first thing you would want to do a nice and sunny day in Paris. I'm sure the view is great during the day and of course I can understand why people want to see it, but the evening is better when you want to make the most of a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

We didn’t regret that we went back to our hotel room and returned to the Eiffel Tower later in the evening around 20.30. The line to the tower was more than half of what it was during the afternoon. It was still a lot of people and we couldn’t make it to the top floor because of that, but it was far less of a crowd than earlier.

We waited in line about twenty minutes until we got to take the elevator up to the middle floor. The view was amazingly beautiful.

When we were there in April, the open times were 09.30-23.00 and the stairs were open from 09.30-18.00. The entrance fee was 9 euro for adults and 5.30 euro for children under 12. [more ]

Tower by foot

The Eiffel Tower is obvioulsy something on everyone's list of things to do and see in Paris. The lines unfortunately are very long if you want to take a lift up. But if you don't mind walking, and it is quick, painless (and probably good to burn off those baguettes) then the stairs are definitely the option. Not only are they cheaper, you can also enjoy the view on the way up. [more ]

Eiffel Tower from different angles

One of the most famous landmarks of Paris is certainly the Eiffel Tower. Tourists from worldwide come to Paris to see the tower, making endless queues to visit it. In most of the time, the visitants follow the same ritual: go to the top and after that, walk until the Palais de Chailot and Jardins du Trocadero to take the famous photos “holding” the Eiffel Tower. In both cases, for sure, you will have great opportunities to have amazing photos. However, besides this, I would suggest an alternative way, from where you can also have wonderful views of the monument from different points of view. My tip is walking in the surroundings of the River Seine and the Eiffel Tower, passing through some no crowded streets, such as Rue de L’Universite, where you can explore and take more photos. [more ]

Eiffel Tower Paris - don't bother going up

This is the first thing you think of when anyone mentions France and it is a fantastic emblem for Paris. It dominates the skyline and offers Kodak moments a plenty, especially as the sun goes down. Although I would recommend walking around the square and streets surrounding the Eiffel Tower, I didn’t enjoy going up it very much. You would expect to have fantastic views over the city, but the top part is in-cased in netting to stop people throwing things (or themselves) off! This means the view is obscured and you have to share the limited visibility with lots of tourists jostling to get the best photo. Enjoy an expensive glass of wine or chocolat chaud in one of the picturesque (but touristy) cafes nearby and take your picture, but I wouldn’t bother with the trip up. [more ]

Eifel tower!

The Eifel tower is the main landmark of Paris and probbaly the most recognizeable building all around the world. For anyone visiting Paris it is definitely a must see. Going to the top is also something everyone should do, except if you are afraid of heights. Going to the top can be a very slow process, because from the bottom you wait a very long queue to buy tickets only to the second terrace and there you have to wait again on a long line for getting tickets to the top. But even if it takes you several hours to reach the top the experience is totally worthy. The view is not just great, it is marvelous, especially on a clear sunny day. [more ]

Keeping Cool in Paris

When I was in Paris last time we visited in the summer. As part of the tour I was on it included a visit to the Eiffle Tower (Tel:01 44 11 23 11). In blistering heat we stood for ages in a huge queue that notably is in the direct sun. However, something I learnt that day for future reference was the use of Evian Spray Bottles by the tour guides and security guards. Straight after, I found that you could buy them anywhere and making a sensible investment with my Euros I purchased one, something I recommend to ALL travellers in the summer. Instead of mini fans the Evian Water Spray is light and refreshing and keeps you beautifully cool in the summer sun! When you decide to visit, make sure you buy a ticket to the very top level (E12.00), you'll feel on top of the world. [more ]

Visiting the Eiffel Tower

In 1889, Gustave Eiffel began the construction of the Eiffel Tower. It was Built for the world's fair that was to be held in Paris that year. Nobody ever thought that it would still be standing over a hundred years later. In a city filled with culture, The EiffelTower dominates as a must see attraction. Each time I see it, it fills me with awe. To think that this was built over a hundred years ago is overwhelming. The lines to purchase a ticket are very long and security is very tight to get in. There are shorter lines if you want to walk up, but I suggest that is only done on a calm summer day. The winds are cold and stronger than on the ground. The stairs are on the outside and not protected at all from the elements. The view from the top allows you to see all of Paris. I was there on a clear day and saw for miles. Once I got off the elevator the crowds seemed to thin down alot. You still have to wait to get back on the elevator to go up or down, but the wait was definately worth it. There is a movie available that shows the actual construction of the tower. It was very interesting so I was surprised at how few people were watching it. It was also a great place to get out of the winds and warm up for a few minutes. [more ]

Splendor at Night

The photos I think speak for themselves. Being France's symbol, it's the most discussed objective in Paris, so my words are lacking ideas here. My impression anyway , was one of extraordinary splendor, as i have never seen the Eiffel tower til that point at night. It felt like actually living a Jules Verne story or being in a fantastic world, wondering at the lightened contortionist metal construction above me. I only got to the second level, because it was late at night, and my group would have lost the last tube to Paris's outskirts. But being at the second level on Eiffel tower was an accomplished dream . (anyway, I will go next year to Paris, just for the reason of getting high above, one the third level haha I can't wait!!!) [more ]

Eiffel Tower

You can go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower or you can pass, and most
travelers fall within one of those two camps. The light show at night
has now made it pretty unbearable to be near when the sun sets unless
you're up for an epiplectic fit (although I hear it looks nice from
afar, or whatever). It's better to go here during the day at any rate,
and I've had more fun sitting under the tower with a good book or a
picnic lunch than I have had riding a crowded elevator and being
ushered around the top like cattle before going back downstairs.
Seeing it, regardless of how close you get to it, is the coolest
thing. [more ]

Eiffel Tower: Global Icon of France

I had a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower from my apartment in Paris. The illuminating sparkle of the moon stood dim in front of the brilliance of the tower. Named after its architect Gustave Eiffel, the tower remains as one of most visited tourist destinations and the global face of France. You can expect mile-long queues at any time of the day to reach the peak of the tower in the glass-lined elevators. You also have the option of taking the stairs, which you can imagine takes forever, but offers a much more comprehensive and closer look at the marvel. There are three tiers, each floor offering a different, yet brilliant view of Paris. The entrance fee is around 3-4 Euros. It lights up at night and offers a much more stunning view of the city during starlight. There are extended operation hours in the summertime due to the heavy influx of tourists. It would be a travesty to visit Paris and not experience the unparalleled splendor of the Eiffel Tower. [more ]

Just like you imagine it

The Eiffel Tower is one of those must-see places for anybody visiting Paris. Just the sight of the tower itself is enough to give you goosebumps, even if you’re not particularly fond of architecture or history in general. I never made it to the top of the tower because the waiting lines were horrible. I was there in spring, which seems to be a popular time for tourists, even though it was too early for flowers and green lawns. If you’re brave enough, and if you’re in relatively good shape, try braving the stairs. That’s exactly what I did. You can’t go up too far using the stairs, but the idea of exploring on foot is just too interesting to pass up. [more ]

Paris Eiffel Tower Mechanical Paradise

I never managed to go up into the Eiffel Tower – for the waiting lines were always insanely long, even out of the peak of the summer. Nevertheless this is a must visit monument, even if you cannot go up into the very top or the middle level restaurant.

Not only its size is really impressive but the iron construction itself represents much more than what the eye can see. This is about the conquest of the “Mechanical Paradise”, when it was built the Eiffel Tower represented the victory of the industrial civilization over the rural/monarchy society. The telephone, X-rays, the 1st aircraft, Einstein’s Relativity, all appeared in the world at about the same time. People would gather at the Eiffel Tower to experiment the feeling of electrical shocks when power supply first became available, etc.

So in that sense it is more than a monument – a landmark of civilization indeed. That said just go across the river towards Trocadero – the view to the tower is the best there! [more ]

Incredible views at the Eiffel Tower

Even though I have been living in France as an expatriate for many years now, I had never been to the Eiffel Tower until just last summer. Before visiting, I had seen it everywhere around me - in shops, in paintings, on postcards and even once passed by it - but I never took the chance to ride up to the top because it's a little out of the way, believe it or not, even though it's so massive.

My legs got a little wobbly when my husband and I got to the top, but the view was worth it and I soon forgot about my fear of heights. The view was beautiful! There were panoramic guides at the top, which were very helpful when pointing out just exactly what we're looking at. I would love to come back for a second visit someday, not only for the view, but to also dine in the restaurant called the Altitude 95 Restaurant.

For travellers on the go, there is actually a postal branch right there on the first floor to send a post card right from the tower itself! There is also a souvenier shop at the Eiffel Tower, too, but it's a little pricy, even though there are some really neat gifts there.

If you're ever in Paris, France, you HAVE to visit the Eiffel Tower, else you will have missed out on an experience of a lifetime! [more ]

Eiffel Tower: scaling the heights

One of the most famous landmarks on Earth, the Eiffel Tower is something I would suggest everybody visit at least once - just so they can say they have!

Whilst I was there, I had an artist draw a sketch of me. If you happen to do the same then make sure you barter with them on price; I managed to obtain both sketches for less than the price of one.

Being scared of heights, I only managed to get up to the second floor - which itself is over 100 metres of the ground. The view was astonishing, and the french snacks that were on offer were equally appetising. The final floor at the top has no stairs going to it, and costs extra to go up in the lift. I still wish I had done this however, just for the experience. Maybe next time... [more ]

The Eiffel Tower

My visit to the Eiffel tower was not as amazing as I had expected it to be. I was put off from the beginning by the interminable line at the end of which I encountered myself. I am not exaggerating when saying that I waited for at least 1 hour..standing. I was already tired from standing when I finally managed to visit the tower. Of course, the views from up there are great, but I really think it's more like a fashion to go into the tower. I wouldn't go up there again, to be honest. Please avoid trying to have a coffee or something to drink at the cafes around the tower, as the prices are simply ridiculous. I think that by just taking a good look at the tower from the ground I would have been equally satisfied. [more ]

Eiffel Tower

When traveling to Paris I strongly recomend checking out the Eiffel tower. Aside from the direct view of the tower, there is also another amazing view that is possible from the top of the tower. The great thing about that view is that you can see all of Paris from up there and it looks like a beautiful piece of artwork. When touring the Eiffel Tower, you also notice a lot of beautiful details that would not be possible to view from a photograph. The Eiffel Tower is a priceless experience that should be high on your priority list when traveling to Paris. The Eiffel Tower is also a great place to take your sweetheart because it is very peaceful and romantic. [more ]

A necessity

Okay, I'll be honest, getting up this thing was a nightmare. I did it in May and that was bad enough - I wouldn't want to try it in July or August when the tourists are twice as thick and the weather is blazing hot. There was a lot of pushing and shoving and people being rude in general (and I'm not talking about the French). Still, you pay a few Euros and you get to go up to the top (eventually, after a long way) and see the most spectacular view in all of France, maybe in all of Europe. Of course you have to go - how can you visit Paris and not go? Be sure to get a photo of yourself there so you can you can prove you did it. [more ]

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Let’s face it, if you’re going to visit Paris, then NOT going up the Eiffel Tower is unforgivable. In fact, it’s like going to Egypt and not seeing the pyramids. For around EUR10, you can go to the top, which will not only make you dizzy, but give you a good idea of Paris’ size and layout. A highlight for me was the small room where the meeting between Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison has been reconstructed using models. There’s no reason to just quickly visit and leave – you can visit restaurants in the tower too. And sending a postcard from the tower will certainly impress family members – you can do this, because there is a post office as well. [more ]

The end of another day....

I would recommend enusring that you have a warm coat if going up the Eiffel tower at night as I was frozen by the time I got back down to the ground. It was an interesting sight though, because all was quiet at this time. Indeed it was almost eerie, as there had been huge lines all day, and still quite long queues all throughout the evening. It was nearly midnight when I left the Eiffel Tower and there wasnt a soul around! it truly did look like the scene when a party was well and truly over. After a final quick walk to the main street, I took a taxi back to my hotel. This was a full day indeed and upon arrival I was out cold once again! [more ]

Trying to get back down the tower!

I also failed to realize that just as there is queue to go up, there is also a long winding queue actually on the Eiffel Tower's second stage lift area to get back down! That's because they use the same lift to take people to and from each of the stages, and so I had to wait for several lift cycles to occur before being able to get back down to earth!. On top of that the wind was definitely picking up and since I had to wait in the queue I was unable to take shelter from the cold in the small shop. Eventually I got to the lift and was heading down. [more ]

The Eiffel tower at night

It was nearly 6pm local time, and although I was tired I thought it would be nice to go out and get a bite. On the street were numerous café’s and so I stopped for a coffee and a baguette, and also took a walk along the entire length of the Rue De Bercy just to explore the immediate area. Then I took a bus in to the centre of town and ended up on a route that hugged the river and that eventually stopped at Princess Diana’s unofficial memorial. I could also clearly see the Eiffel tower all lit up against the night sky on the other side of the river. [more ]

Eiffel Tower Park

I walked underneath the centre of the Eiffel tower and towards the park that extends for about half a mile in length, like a green carpet. The Eiffel Tower itself looks quite magical from the park as it puts it’s size into perspective and I sat there for an hour or so just basking in its vicinity. Underneath the tower, at the base of each of its 4 huge legs, were winding queues of people waiting to go up in the lifts in order to get to the top of this icon. I decided that an hour or more waiting was not something I had time for and in any case I was quite happy to admire this incredible structure from the ground. [more ]

The Eiffel Tower up close

It was time to get back on a bus, as I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower up close an personal. On the way I passed the Paris Orleans building, and a number of other places that I decided to visit at another time. With the Eiffel Tower firmly in view I got off the bus and started to walk down the approach road. I had been to Paris before some 7 years ago, but on this occasion the Eiffel Tower actually seemed bigger than I remembered it last time. It is a truly enormous structure, and it is quite hard to make a comparison of it with any other building in the world.. [more ]


Out of the metro stop Trocadero, you’ll find the same tourists that were clicking photos with you at Notre Dame now taking their shots with the Eiffel Tower.
The view allows for a clear shot of the tower but it’s a bit small when you try to fit yourself, your travel buddy and the tower into a photo altogether. But you can have fun trying to hold the tower in the palm of your hands or putting it between your fingers. Yes, it’s the place where you do those silly photos like with the leaning tower of Pisa.
It’s a bit hard to get to if you come from below the hill, walking from the Seine; it’s probably easiest to take the metro straight to Trocadero.
The lookout point is also framed with many museums and is located in an extremely bourgeois neighborhood. [more ]

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is considered by some Parisians to be an eyesore, but I couldn't quite understand that. Perhaps it's because the Eiffel Tower has become such an iconic image for the city that I couldn’t imagine the city without it. It’s an impressive structure, elaborate and detailed.

The first time I saw it was at night, driving into the city. It was lit up and it was an incredible sight. It’s such a great experience (I think) to actually see in person something that you have seen in movies or read about in books.

The next day, we went to visit. Standing underneath the tower, with crowds of other tourists, looking up, I realized how big it really was. This may seem like a bit of an inane thing to say, but I was overwhelmed by the size of the structure.

Standing in line for tickets wasn't too bad as we got there early; we were in line for maybe 20 minutes. The line only seemed to get longer throughout the day and I would guess the wait could get much longer.

There is the option to go to 3 different levels. The first 2 you can walk up to and the 3rd (the top of the tower) you take a cable car/lift. It was cloudy the day that I went, so I only got the ticket to the 2nd level. The climb up was a bit tiring, but the views were incredible. There are signs posted with history and facts about the tower like the ice rink underneath the tower that a Moscow circus bear skated on, an American pilot who flew beneath the tower, and an elephant who climbed to the first level.

There’s loads of people selling knock-off handbags and other souvenirs along the pavements and streets towards the tower, there to capitalize on the tourists. [more ]

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