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Vatican Museums, Rome

5.0 stars


Beautiful Vatican vs. awful queues

I really loved visiting the Vatican. It is true that we had to wait for one hour in the queue but the Vatican is absolutely stunning. We were stopped in the street by a guy offering us a tour which was actually cheaper than paying for a guide inside. The Vatican was a real chaos inside and our guide struggled to keep our group together specially at the entrance. Beware of the "distracted" tourists that try to jump the queue while pretending they are joining your group. Our guide was quite sharp and told them to go to the back of the queue. There is no way to have a chance to stop once inside. You will barely have a few minutes while the guide explains a few things. The highlight of course was the Sistine chapel. AS it is still considered a religious site there were security guards trying to maintain the silent. So you can sit there for as long as you want and it is quite nice when for some moments silent is achieve. I will love to go back again for sure! [more ]

Vatican Museums: free admission day!

The Vatican Museums are definitely one of the Must-See's of Rome, but you have to be prepared for what the visit will actually entail. There are always massive lines, which can be unbearable in the summer heat. But it is all worth it, especially when there's free admission!

The last Sunday of every month is free entry day. But be aware: the museums are normally closed on Sundays, EXCEPT for the free admission day! If you plan your trip accordingly, you will not be disappointed about the exceptional pieces on display, including the famous Sistine Chapel.

And a word of caution: Do not try to take pictures in the Sistine Chapel, or one of their all-seeing security guards will 'escort' you out in a hurry! [more ]

Amazing arts

I had heard many recommendations about the Vatican Museums. So, I decided to travel to Rome to visit the city, and of course to know the Vatican complex. I wondered that it would be a great tour; indeed it was. I was enchanted for the place. The Vatican Museums have archaeology peaces from Italy, Greece and Egypt and you can travel through the centuries with those rich expressions of arts. Despite of the museums are amazing, the Sistine Chapel was the most beautiful and impressive art in my opinion. Painting by great artists such as Perugino and Botticelli, the Chapel also retain the most beautiful works of Michelangelo. The masterpiece Last Judgement astonishes everyone with its uncountable details. Visiting the Vatican was definitely a fascinating experience. However, the only problem for me was the awful queue, which I had to wait a few hours to go in. The museums have high reputation and are always crowded! So, my tip is getting early. [more ]

Sistine Chapel and Monkey Holding a Cocunut

Regretfully, we only had a couple of hours to spend in the Vatican Museums since we had to catch a flight. And really, an entire day should be devoted to the many galleries and rooms of the museums. Arrive early, there will still be lines to wait to get in, but it's not as bad if you go early in the day. I wouldn't miss the Vatican museums though - if you are in Rome, make sure you make the time to see them!

But in our short time there, we had two missions - the first was the Sistine Chapel. It takes awhile to get there, winding halls and plenty of art along the way. Once you're there, you will join many others staring at the ceiling. It's an incredible sight! I had thought it was just the one big painting of God and Adam that is so often seen, but there are loads of paintings and ornate work. It's really amazing. It can hurt the neck to see everything.

Once we'd seen the Sistine Chapel, we made our way to the Animal Room. Our goal was to see a hilarious statue that my brother had taken a picture of - a monkey holding a coconut. It seemed a bit strange to see the Sistine Chapel and a monkey, but it's all we had time for. After wandering through some open lawns with statues, we found it. And there, amongst the other monkeys, alligators, dogs and sheep was the monkey holding a coconut. We snapped some pictures and headed out. I think it's a good idea to have a few specific things that you want to see so that it makes the trip more memorable and makes it exciting when you find the piece you're looking for.

Along the way, we noticed that a lot of the statues had fig leaves between their legs. This was an addition to the statues by the Vatican since apparently the sight of naked men and women would cause too much distraction.

When my mother went back in the 70's, she was temporarily barred entrance because they thought her skirt was too short. They still have dress code standards - no miniskirts or shorts, no bared shoulders. So keep that in mind as you pack for your trip. [more ]

Vatican Walking Tours

If you are planning on taking a trip to Rome, Italy and want to take a tour which has very good value, then you should consider taking the Vatican Walking tour. The Vatican Walking Tour is a very nice tour and you get the meat and potatoes of Rome all in one tour. During the tour they will take you all through the Vatican City and provide you with some very informative history that will surely leave you aghast. I took this tour and learned a lot about the Vatican City that I couldn’t have learned from a book. You will also learn a lot of cool stuff about the Swiss guards and how efficiently trained that they are. [more ]

The smallest state in the world

Located in Rome, Vatican is the smallest state in the world, being the home of the Pope, the leader of Roman Catholic Church. Inside the walls of the Vatican the visitors can see gardens, streets, museums and art galleries. A very impressing image is the one of St. Peter’s Square, from the top of the Vatican. It’s an image that has filled the pages of many history and cultural books, even of calendars or postcards. The Vatican prints a newspaper and has its own police force, flag, stamps, telephone system and radio and TV stations. It’s something you will meet only once in a lifetime! [more ]

Museum: The Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums in Rome are among the most famous museums in the world. It all started in the 18th century with a few art collections owned by the Vatican and now there are 13 museums and collections and an additional 14 Vatican palaces that are included on tours of the Vatican Museum complex. I was amazed by the many rooms and hallways decorated with marble and frescoes. Each museum is different so according to your taste you can choose where to go. The Vatican Palaces on the tour include the famous Sistine Chapel, where I saw Michelangelo’s famous ceiling. It was my favorite but I was upset I forgot my binoculars and could not exactly see the details of the ceiling. [more ]

Vatican Museum

It’s hard to write about one of the most famous museums in the world, but I do want to stress the fact that you MUST visit the Vatican museum if you go to Rome. This is not debatable. One tip that I’ve read time and time again is that you should show up at ~7am during the summer to get in…or pay a guide and get a group tour to avoid the line altogether. From what I had read, I knew to avoid the group tour through the Vatican museum and I felt very happy of this choice when we were going through it and didn’t feel rushed, it was kind of sad watching those that had paid €40 to be rushed through in record time. We got there at 8am, waited in line until about 10am and it took us easily half the day to go through the museum. That’s what I’d recommend to do for anyone else trying to do the same thing, the group tours to the Vatican just will not give you time to really enjoy what is on display here.

Oh, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not take flash photography in the Sistine chapel, I wish the security guards would enforce this better…I literally saw 300 flashes in there during the short time we were in the Sistine chapel. [more ]

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