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Tokyo Tower

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Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower looks conspicuously similar to the Eiffel Tower, although all brochures make it a point to let you know that this one is 13 meters taller than the French landmark. The tower is most impressive at night because of all its lights and the nice views it offers of the city.

The main problem I had with this attraction is the fact that you need to buy two different tickets if you want to get to the top observatory, and that ends up costing you about USD20. You’re also not told this at the beginning, and are only offered the second ticket once you get halfway there (to the lower observatory). At that point, it’s really hard to say no.

All that aside, the views truly are great and depending on what day you get there, you may also get to enjoy live music. [more ]

The Tokyo Tower

Sitting bright red in Central Tokyo, The Tokyo Tower is considered by the Japanese to be one of their greatest new monuments, but looking at a picture of it, I immediately noticed that it looks just like Paris, France’s Eiffel Tower! It turns out that I wasn’t wrong, and that the Tokyo Tower was built in recognition of the war towards Japan’s peaceful future in 1958 from military tanks, so I can only suppose that as the Eiffel tower represented a symbol of freedom for the French, so must the Tokyo tower to the Japanese. However much metaphor this smaller imitation holds, it certainly doesn’t back up that claim once you step inside. Bought out by various advertising firms, the Tokyo Tower has become something of a giant commercial playground. Inside, various games and restaurants are available for kids and adults looking to empty out their wallets. Getting inside of the tower costs more than it should, and once you’re inside, there’s really only one draw to visitors, which is to take a small elevator to the top of the tower (which doesn’t even rise above surrounding buildings) and getting a birds eye view of Tokyo, including a fairly nice view of Edo Castle. Visitors can even look down through a glass panel in the floor, all the way to the ground below. I called that the ‘vertigo’ adventure. In the end, I would have avoided the tower altogether if I could have, but at least the surrounding area has a nice shopping district, so I was able to put together a nice dinner from the local farmer’s market stands. I’m glad Tokyo has a symbol of freedom, but disappointed that it has become such a tourist destination, and don’t really recommend the tower to anyone, unless you want to read the historical information out front. [more ]

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