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Museum Ludwig, Cologne

4.0 stars


Excellent display of 20th century art

I must confess that I am not the must artistically enlightened person but my girlfriend is, so we went to the Ludwig Museum. And I have to say that it was the most interesting art museum that I have been to. Maybe because the modern art was easier to relate to than the classics, but I did find the museum fascinating. On display are of course the famous Picasso section but also works like Roy Lichtensteins "Maybe", Andy Warhols "Brillo Boxes" or George Segals „Restaurant Window", If you are interested in art in general or specifically 20th century art then you have to stop by the Ludwig Museum. [more ]

Museum Ludwig

Check out the Museum Ludwig. I am a big fan of Pablo Picasso. This museum satisfied my tastes because it offers the large collection of Picasso. All the original works contained inside were not only paints but also they had ceramics as well as prints. This was not just a small collection, but really, you will be impressed by how many paintings they have by him.

As a big art fan, I was also happy to see that they had Dali, some Lichtenstein, and even some Warhol. The number of paintings that can be in this museum are countless. Every once in awhile they also have different galleries on loan from different museums. It depends on when you are there, but even without the extra galleries displayed, there is plenty to do.

When trying to find this museum, thankfully, it is not hard at all. Just go to the train station or the Kölner Dom, both of which are easy to find, and walk towards to Rheine River. When I was there I was able to see large Museum signs that were displazed right by the train station.

Though there are better museums, I still would not pass the chance to see this one while you are in Köln. [more ]

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