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Generalife, Granada

5.0 stars


Summer Palace

The summer palace of the Muslim rulers, located at the far end of the Generalife, is as captivating as the rest of the Alhambra and Generalife complex. The Patio de la Acequia is beautiful. One of the palace walls rises gracefully at the end of the long fountain, which is framed by bright flowers. The white walls of the palace reflect the summer’s heat and give the palace a crisp and clean aspect. The walls here are reminiscent of the ornate decoration found on the ceiling in the Sala de los Abencerrajes in the Alhambra. This palace seems aptly named, for it reflects the brightness and beauty of summer itself. [more ]

Enchanting Garden

El Generalife is the garden outside the Alhambra. El Generalife was so incredibly beautiful and relaxing that I felt I could have stayed there forever. I took some time to read a book and relax while I enjoyed the sound of running water from the many fountains in the garden. The grounds are exquisitely maintained. The bright flowers in the garden contrast with the surrounding lush greenery. In a region known for its heat, the Alhambra and the Generalife both make use of the cooling quality of water and use it abundantly in fountains, pools, and even waterfalls alongside the steps. I don’t know if it was the running water or the shade provided from the trees, but I did feel much more refreshed after visiting El Generalife. [more ]

The Palace of Senses

There was a long charming promenade surrounded by Elm trees and flowers leading to the Generalife Palace. The promenade had small "windows" between the plants with great views to the Albaicín and Granada,continuing to the "Patio de la Acequia" (Water-garden courtyard) a vibrant spot at the heart of the Palace. The highlight was the the beautiful long pond at the patio surrounded by flowers and fountains. Towards the Upper Gardens we found the famous stairway with cascading water. I found the Generalife quieter than the rest of the Alhambra complex. As I hired an audio guide, and between explanations they play tranquil Arabic music it felt like going back in time. The scent in this part of the Alhambra is glorious. [more ]

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