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Palace of Westminster, London

4.0 stars


Westminster Houses of Parliament, majesty in Central London

The first time I went to Westminster I was overwhelmed by its majesty. I couldn't actually decide whether to go to the Abbey or the Parliament. Hanging about and analysing the building from every possible angle, maybe looking for at least a small flaw in the walls. Westminster Houses of Parliament is huge and it's possible to take it entirely in a photo only from one of the many bridges that cross the river Thames. I knew it was a major building in the heart of London and I also knew it had historical, political and touristic responsibilities. However, I didn't expect so much beauty. Perfection in every single smallest detail, romantically surrounded by the river. In the morning the daily soft London fog wraps the Parliament in a evoking and important atmosphere. Westminster by night, instead, is lit up with warm colours and the reflex in the water among the many bridges, also lit up, is an unforgettable scene.
In the heart of one of the busiest cities in Europe, Westminster is there, witnessing the fast pace of Londoners who every day go past without even noticing its silent and solemn character.
After getting over my astonishment, it was already 3,30 pm and the Parliament tours were nearly over. I decided to visit the Abbey first, much smaller, with the promise that my next touristic day will be undoubtedly spent in the Houses of Parliament. [more ]

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