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Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna

5.0 stars


Absolutely stunning Schoenbrunn Palace

Schoenbrunn Palace is a feature of Vienna. The rooms are ornate and beatiful; there's lots of red and gold. The furnishings are sumptuous and decadent; it's a delightful place!

The palace stretches for blocks and there is a large lawns and courtyards in front. The baroque building is yellow and white and it has a very regal yet pleasant feel to it. It was originally the summer home for the royal family.

The palace has a zoo and an extensive manicured garden. Entrance can be purchased to see the interior as well as the gardens and zoo, but we only had time to walk through the stunning interior. The palace opens at 8:30am. On weekdays, in the morning, and in the off-season (when we went) it wasn't very busy and we were able to enjoy the beauty without much distraction.

Even if you don't see the inside, make sure you stop by the palace. It is a breathtaking sight. [more ]

Schonbrunn: a Palace with a classical music taste

This Palace was scenario of many imperial balls and it was there that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a six-year old boy, showed his ingenious talent to the Austrian monarchy. As a piano and classical music lover, I always had a dream to know Schonbrunn and it was a really great tour. The Palace is beautiful inside and outside. The gardens such as the French and the English, carefully disposed, are an inspiration for the visitants. Besides this, around Schonbrunn, there are sculptures, the zoo and the Roman Ruin. However, the highlight of the place, at least for me, is the Gloriette, neoclassical arcade built in 1775, located in the middle of the gardens region, on a hill behind the Schonbrunn. I had to walk for a while to reach the place and from there, I could have an amazing view of the Palace and its labyrinth and gardens. [more ]


Schonbrunn is the palace that served as the main residence of the emperors of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the late 19-th and the early 20-th century. It is one of the greatest baroque palaces I have ever seen. In front of it there is a large square that really allows you to realize the real magnifficence of this palace. Inside there is a large museum and also a concert hall where classical music is being played every evening. And behind this wonderful palace are the palace gardens which are, in my view the nicest park in the cities all around Europe. The whole garden is a really amazing place where I can walk with days without getting bored of the view. [more ]

Daun Kinsky

Oh, look, another palace. It's like coming across a Starbucks in New
York, with better architecture. Daun-Kinsky is one of the numerous
palaces that have been renovated for 21st Century use by the public
(some even housing Starbucks). Stop in here for a really nice tapas
bar with gorgeous décor (save your Euro for a splurge here) and the
Downkinsky, one of my favorite clubs in Wien. It's still possible to
live it up like a Hapsburg. [more ]

The rain gods like Schönbrunn Palace

It poured like mad when I visited the palace. Funnily, I had just met with a big hoard of travelers and we were all stuck at the far end of the grounds watching the overcast Vienna skyline. I’m not so keen on visiting buildings, unless the architecture is something spectacular, but in Vienna, anywhere you go there are excellent sculptures adorning the buildings on top or outside and each one has a fresh uniqueness which made me stop and observe even though it’s easy for me to get tired of sculptures.
I believe there is a hedge maze in the Schonbrunn gardens, so it’s probably good that it was raining that day, or I would have got excited and completely lost in the maze and would be writing this from the grave. [more ]

The park is a masterpiece

The palace was quite interesting with its numerous rooms and halls with exquisite furnishings. What I found truly amazing, though, were the gardens. The park was very large and maintained flawlessly. I could not imagine how much effort and how many gardeners it would take! The hedges were trimmed to the utmost perfection into shapes with each branch precisely in its place. The flowers were beautiful and there were squirrels that would come really close to us, hoping to get some food. Even if you don’t make it into the Palace, the park is a must! [more ]

Christmas Market at the Palace

As I said in the previous post... I was hungry, tired, and cold... so while I was looking at some of the rooms inside the castle, it occurred to us to go and have a snack and a glass of Glühwein at the Christmas Market... we came out of the palace and first we checked all the stands out since we are collecting Christmas figurines for the Christmas tree from all the different countries that we go to. We bought some really cool wooden star with the picture of Schönbrunn engraved. After that we went directly to the stand where we could buy the Glühwein, but after seeing the line we decided to go back to the city center and eat there. The atmosphere of the Christmas Market was great... too cold for us though. [more ]

Schönbrunn Palace

After a cold day, a bit of rain which seemed to turn into snow any minute, and few kilometers walked... I had pretty much enough.
Eliza still wanted to make a 30 minute trip to Schönbrunn which I never thought would be great enough to make me want to walk for another hour... Anyway we decided to go, since deep inside me I knew it is always better to see as much as you can of the important monuments.
So we went I was completely amazed with the Palace... it is awe inspiring and I wish I had paid the more expensive ticket to get to see the oder rooms.. we got an audio guide (which was a bit to brief in the explanation of all the rooms) I was personally amazed with the connection of the palace with Mexico (I knew about it... but I got to see the other side of the story, the one that was more favorable to Austria instead than to Mexico) Anyway ... the tour lasted no more than 1 hour and as I said... It was fabulous... [more ]

Museum Store

Before leaving... and because I saw all the coffee mugs where the stands were selling the Glühwein, I remembered to something for my parents... They love when I give them coffee mugs from all the different places I visit... they say that it is as if they had been there... anyway, I went inside the museum shop and I found a mug that was both beautiful and cheap, I really enjoy buying at museum shops because the design of things is usually nicer... Te mug was also really cheap for a museum shop... it cost me about 5 euros. We also bought some post cards for our grandparents. [more ]

Schonbrunn Palace

When in Vienna, I really wanted to visit the Schonbrunn Palace, as it's one of the city's main attractions. We hadn't bought a Vienna Pass this time, so we had to pay the entrance fee. There are many types of fees, depending on what you want to visit. The main tour, which is the one we took, allows you to visit 22 rooms of the castle and costs less than 10 Euro. I loved the palace and the lovely furniture inside it. I loved the fact that we got a free audio guide in English and we found out about many historical facts that guided the life of the royal family in those times. The only bad part about visiting the castle is that it's pretty far away from the center. But I strongly recommend visiting it ! [more ]

The Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace is a must see tourist attraction in Vienna. This Palace is huge. There is a very nice park in front of it featuring roman statues as well as a an old roman ruin. Walking all of the grounds would take hours.
Inside the castle is amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t do my research before going there and I wasn’t fully aware of the whole history behind it. My friend who knew more about it was able to give me a little information making the tour more interesting. I would recommend reading more about it before going there so that the tour makes more sense. Don’t worry the tour is also available in English.
In front the Palace is also a maze which costs only a few euros for entrance. At the end of the maze is an observation deck where you can watch all of the other participants walk around in confusion. I took a lot of funny pictures of my friends that I was with who just couldn’t figure out how to find me while I could taunt them from atop the observation deck at the end of the maze.
In front of the castle and up a hill is a really tall Romanist building. Here for only a few Euros you can go all the way to the top and have a very spectacular view of Vienna as well as the Palace. However, a trip up to the top is not necessary as the view is just as good from up on top of the hill.
Lastly before you leave. Make a trip over to the ancient Roman ruins. This fountain looks like something that you would find in Rome. The fountain itself was quiet beautiful and allows the chance to see very ancient artefacts of the first settlers of Vienna. [more ]

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