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Stirling Castle

4.0 stars


A Tour Through History at Stirling Castle (I Wish I'd Known More!)

Stirling Castle is one of the grandest, most historical structures in all of Scotland and it was my favorite castle that I visited while traveling around the country.

My only regret on my trip is that I did not arm myself with more knowledge of Scottish history. That said, my tour of Stirling Castle was much more of a sight-seeing venture than anything else, but it was still a wonderful trip through time. Having just come from the William Wallace Monument, which can be seen off in the northeastern distance, the guys and I were a little worn from the traditional type of tour, so we set out to explore the castle on our own terms, ie we declined the guided tour.

As we worked our way through the outer defenses and approached the castle from the main entrance from town, I remember initially not being that impressed by the castle. Now, if we had first viewed the castle from any other direction my first impression would have been drastically different as Stirling Castle sits upon a virtual mountain of volcanic rock with sheer cliffs descending to the ground on every other side. Once inside the views were spectacular! (Sorry, my pictures don't offer this perspective.) Not quite as amazing as the views from the top of the Wallace Monument, but it was incredible to look out and imagine invaders attempting attacks on this heavily fortified structure of central Scotland (historians admit to at least 16 attempts to seize the castle since its construction in the 15th and 16th Centuries!).

Stirling Castle has been the focal point of a recent aggressive pursuance towards restoration as the immense Great Hall attests to. Beginning in the 1960s, additions made to the Great Hall in the 1700s have been removed to resemble the condition of the hall when it was originally built in 1504. Standing inside the hall I was taken aback by the size and enormity of the place which at one point hosted a banquet that featured a wooden ship measuring 18 feet long with 40 foot high masts and complete with 36 brass cannons!

Like the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle is a must-see if you ever find yourself in the city of Stirling, Scotland. We spent hours just walking around, exploring, and enjoying the gorgeous sights. I hope one day I can return and bring with me a better background of the history of this pristine castle. [more ]

Great castle, enjoy the panoramic views

I visited Stirling in February of 2007 as part of six days that I spent in Scotland. As part of my visit to that city, I went on a tour of Stirling Castle.

Besides the history and architecture, I enjoyed the incredible views that were afforded by Stirling Castle's heights. Like most castles, Stirling's is built on the most elevated point around and that provides for breathtaking scenery over the castle walls. Make sure to bring your camera so that you can film or photograph the farms to the north.

One mistake that I made was not partaking in the guided tour. I listened in toward the end and I think my experience would have been much more interesting if I had gone with the guide. [more ]

Stirling Castle

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of Scotland’s grandest castles due to its imposing position on castle hill and impressive architecture, Stirling Castle commands the countryside for many miles around. It towers over some of the most important battlefields of Scotland’s past including Stirling Bridge, the site of William Wallace’s victory over the English in 1297, and Bannockburn where Robert the Bruce defeated the same foe in the summer of 1314. The castle exhibition in the Queen Anne casemates offered a fascinating insight into the Stewart monarchy and their significant contribution to Stirling Castle. [more ]

Stirling Castle

It’s not easy to recommend a castle to visit in Scotland because there are just so many. If you are spending more time in Scotland, I wouldn’t recommend that you visit Stirling Castle. Like most others it is pricey, and Ediburgh Castle is certainly the better choice. But Stirling Castle is still a landmark of the City, so it deserves three stars nevertheless. I’ve been there only once and remember mainly that there was a very nice tapestry, plus the information about medieval cookery in the kitchen. But then some of the rooms where closed at the time, maybe I missed the best. [more ]

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