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Singapore Zoo, Sungai Mandai Village

4.0 stars


Night Safari

Despite not being able to see most of the animals (since it was dark and no adequate lighting was provided on purpose), I think my visit to the Night Safari was quite an interesting one.

They keep the animals inside an open enclosure, and there are some walking path that visitor can go on foot. Unfortunately, some enclosure can only be reached by tram, so I really recommend you to buy the tram ticket (it’s sold separately from the main entrance ticket). Some of the enclosures were really, really close to the tram line; I was worried that the animals might jump and maul me (which certainly didn’t happen, don’t worry).

Another highlight was the animal show (I don’t remember the title of the show), which is on every night; the presenter was really, really hilarious. Watch out, there might be a python sleeping under your seat!! I’m not kidding, half way through the show they will reveal that they’ve hidden one of their beloved creepy crawlies inside the box-shaped audience seat. At least the lucky audience who’s been sitting on top of the gigantic snake for half an hour will walk away with Ben and Jerry’s voucher! [more ]

Singapore Zoo - Fun for All

An entertaining place of attraction, the Singapore Zoo boasts of a huge variety of various species of animals, ranging from the African Rhinoceros to Borneo Orang Utan. This is truly a haven for the young toddlers!

The Night Safari might not be famed for its entertaining wonders, but the Zoo when seen in the day, can be impressive and fun, even for the adults. With low enclosures, you do not feel that the animals are in captivity. Instead, they are by close to visitors and you can even try feeding some of the tame animals such as the orang utan and giraffes. [more ]

The yawning lion night safari

On the evening that we decided to go to the night safari, unfortunately we had a lot to do and so reached a bit too late and had to leave in a hurry to catch the last bus back. So we had time to basically just take the safari tram, which wasn’t bad at all since we got to see some interesting animals including a pretty close view of a lion that duly gave a big yawn at the tram.
But I believe they have various animal settings and trekking trails that take you across swing bridges and streams that we missed since the tram only just brushes along and doesn’t go too far inside.
The night safari is a rare concept and they’ve managed to make it look natural yet keep it safe, so it’s something I won’t miss if I’m in Singapore again. [more ]

Singapore Zoological Gardens

Visiting Singapore and not going to its zoo? Oh, my, what a loss. Singapore has one of the best zoos in the world, and you’ll see why when you visit it. I’ve been there about three times and I was always amazed each time.

Not only that they have the most attractive enclosures, but they also give relevant information about the animals. They also have free animal shows at certain times, and I really recommend you to make some time to attend these shows; they’re just brilliant.

The MRT doesn’t go anywhere near the zoo, so if you’re visiting, take the MRT and get off at Ang Mo Kio Station. From here, catch bus 138. But as it can take quite a while to wait for bus 138, I suggest you to get a shuttle bus in front of the station. These shuttles are provided by a tour company, and the ride is free if you buy the zoo ticket from them. I personally think it’s better to buy the tickets this way, as you get free shuttle drop off (but not on the way back, sadly), and the ticket also includes a Tram Ride at the zoo.

The admission to the zoo is S$15, but I normally get a bundled ticket for Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park for S$45 as it has better value. You can use this ticket any day you want (doesn’t have to be all on the same day), as long as it doesn’t exceed one month. [more ]

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