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Gas Works Park, Seattle

4.0 stars


Great Park With a Great View

This park has a great view of the water and downtown Seattle. It sits on the Burke-Gilman trail, so it is an ideal place for bicyclers, walkers, and runners to stop by. Historically, this twenty acre site was cleared for a plant to manufacture gas from coal, later turned into crude oil. The import of natural gas made the plant obsolete so it was later turned into a park. Part of the original "gasworks" (the exhauster-compressor) is still here and has since been painted with bright colors and turned into a children's play area. There is a hill that is popular for flying kites and a sundial. This is a nice walk or bike ride from the University District - just take the Burke Gilman trail, which runs along the southern part of the University of Washington. I found this to be a great place from which to view the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Of course, many others think so too, so it can be quite crowded. Be sure to get there early to get the best spot if you are planning to view the fireworks over the water from here. [more ]

Industry turned recreation

At the south tip of Wallingford and the northern shore of Lake Washington used to be a huge coal gasification plant. After it shut down in the late 50s the city bought the premises and slowly turned it into a park ("cleaning and greening" was what they called it, as the soil was heavily polluted and needed to be processed in order to make it safe to play around in). Now Gas Works Park makes for a great sunny afternoon. There´s a play barn for children, picnic areas and a hill especially designed for kite flying. Don´t miss the gigantic sundial. Quite often - esp. during summer time - you´ll find concerts and other outdoor events happening here. [more ]

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