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Reichstag, Berlin

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The Reichstag (the German parliament building) has one of the best views in town. We were given the tip that if you go at night the lines are short and you can get right in, and also it is beautiful to see Berlin at night from up there. It is mostly true, the lines were certainly less in the evening then they were in the middle of the day, but there was still a fairly long, it just moves fast. The building is open until midnight (last admission at 11pm we were told), so going there at about 10pm after all other places are closed and you’ve had dinner already is probably a great idea. Of course you have to go through all the security, so don’t bring any bomb, drugs, knives, or firearms. Definitely worth a visit even if you have to wait mid-day. [more ]


The Reichstag is the home of the German parliament. It is also topped with a large glass dome that has some of the greatest views of Berlin. What is greatest about the view is that it's free! You have to go through a security system, like going through security at an airport. This takes about 20 minutes to half an hour, depending on the line. Your bags are screened and you go through a metal detector. After that, you head up the dome, going round and round until you reach the top. It is spectacular at night when the whole city is lit up. It seems like you can see for miles if you're lucky to get a clear night like we did.

You don't have to pay to get in or get a reservation, but the line can be long. Remember to be patient. The view is worth it! The Reichstag is only a few blocks from the Brandenburg Gate in the center of town. [more ]

The Reichstag - German parliament with a beautiful view of Berlin

If you want a beautiful view of Berlin for FREE then join the queue and enter The Reichstag! After the many changes the building has gone through - from being burnt to the ground and wrapped in material by Christo and Jeanne-Claude - the architect Sir Norman Foster made plans for a huge glass dome to be positioned on the roof. These plans went ahead and visitors can now go up into the dome, look over the city and down into parliament in session.

Entrance to the dome is from 8am to 10pm, however if you enter at 10pm you can stay until midnight. The line can get very long and you may sometimes be lining up for two hours. My advice is to get there either just before 8am or 10pm when there are less people. There's also a restaurant, you can skip the queue if you have reservations, although I'm not sure what prive the food is.

After the several dicatorships that Germany (or parts of it) has been ruled by, I believe the idea of the people being able to look into parliament via the dome is a brilliant symbolism. The politicians need only to look up to see who they're working for! [more ]


Although it has had a turbulent history, having been partially destroyed on two occasions but rebuilt over the years, the impressive Reichstag building is now one of the most visited attractions in Berlin. Mainly due to the huge glass dome on the roof that gives impressive views over the city, especially at night. The Dome is open to the public, although the queues can be very long and do remember it is a ‘working’ building so expect airport-style security checks at the entrance. If you plan a few months in advance, you can request an actual ‘behind the scenes’ guided tour directly from the Visitors Office which is well worthwhile just to see the famous Red Army graffiti still in situ from 1945. Entrance is free! [more ]

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