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Flatiron Building, New York

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Flatiron Building

The Flatiron Building was one of New York's first skyscrapers, though now many buildings tower over it. In 1902, it was the city's tallest building at 22 stories.

The stunning and elegant building is set on a triangle shaped section of land on Fifth Avenue. At the tip of the triangle, the building is under 7 feet wide! The unique structure of the building has made it well-known, and the district around the iconic building is the Flatiron District. The offices in the building are in high demand.

The building is designed in the Beaux-Arts style. If you've seen the Spiderman movies with Tobey Maguire, they use the Flatiron building as the site for the Daily Bugle. The building is a symbol of New York and it's a beautifully created and designed building; it's a must see! [more ]

Check Out The Flat Iron Building

That best part of living in New York is not only visiting museums, restaurants and shows but to do a freebie by looking at the many buildings you have seen so many times in film.

Lower Manhattan is a wide array of neighborhoods with many of the original buildings still intact.

One such example is the Flat Iron Building (or Triangle Building).

Photographer Peter Parker of Spiderman works here. And Godzilla ate his fish in from of it.

Many painters have captured the true beauty of the Flat Iron Building on canvas. No first skyscraper, no first steel-skeleton building or even the world’s tallest building attributes the Flat Iron Building. Its unusual design makes it unique and its beauty captured by artist Edward Steichen to become a romantic symbol.

Built in 1901 it is seemingly dwarfed at 22 floors and is 285 feet high; this was a period when few tall buildings existed. No matter how many times I pass it, even as a native New Yorker. I have to stare at it in awe. It is one of my most favorite buildings in New York but guess what? I have never been inside.

Flat Iron Building
23rd Street and Fifth Avenue [more ]

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