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St. Peter's Basilica, Rome

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St. Peters Basilica - don't go on Wednesday!

St. Peter's Basilica is one of the Vaticans most famous and popular destinations. We were headed there on Wednesday morning before we headed back to England. We didn't know that we would not be allowed entrance to the basilica because the Pope was speaking in the square outside the basilica. There were large screens broadcasting his image as well as loudspeakers. The address or sermon seemed to be in Latin or Italian, either way it was not in English. It was a cool experience to be able to see the Pope, but quite frankly we were there to see the basilica. There was a large crowd gathered. If you want to see St. Peter's Basilica, don't go on Wednesday morning! You will be able to see the Pope, assuming he's in the country, and the loveliness and grandeur of the square but you will not be able to go inside. [more ]

Saint Peter's Basilica

Saint Peter’s Basilica is the most important church in the Roman Catholic religion. Whether you’re Christian or not, any visit to Rome includes a visit to Saint Peter’s Basilica as well. Quite often I hear people talking about how many cathedrals they saw in Rome and I really don’t understand. This is not a cathedral.

The cathedral of Rome is the basilica of Saint John Lateran. However, St. Peter’s is probably the most impressive Christian church on the planet. The art, the architecture, the sheer size, everything about it is a must see and do. It is one of the four basilica majors in the world (all four are in Rome).

I recommend going through the entire interior of the church, starting by going up the middle, then making a circle. Go up to the top of the dome to truly get a feel of the size of the place, and then exit by going through the Vatican grotto. [more ]

St Peters Basillica

Here there is a line for everything. Even there was a long line for touching the shoes of the statue of Peter. You could just tell how many had touches the shoes, they were extremely worn down compared to any part of the statue. Just look at the discoloring towards the front of the shoes.

The next thing during my visit was a visit inside the basilica. Many people can come here, confess their sins are just have a look around. One important fact to think about before coming here is that this Basilica is actually the World's largest Christian church Buried below is also the last 91 Popes who have been laid to rest within the Vatican grotto. Often enough the Pope even uses the churches for performing a mass, though this is not his primary church.

For an amazing site, come view the high alter when the sun is shining. The sun will form beams into the alter creating two giant spotlights. The altar itself has been incredibly built and also quite large. [more ]

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