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Calakmul, Villa Hermosa

4.0 stars


Highest Mayan Pyramid in Mexico

I remember well my first impression when we arrived to the site and we looked at the extraordinary size of those pyramids. The jungle background, the tranquility and realizing that more than 6000 structures are still to be excavated was quite overwhelming. Absolutely magnificent and spectacular. Climbing each building was a fantastic challenge although getting to the top and enjoying the great views of the other structures merging with the background jungle was a sight to die for. Calakmul was one of the most impressive Mayan remains with a large area that has not been excavated to date. The access road to this site was very interesting as it goes through the Calakmul jungle with plenty of wildlife. Apart from some interesting birds and some monkeys we did not encounter any other animals
Long trip but absolutely worthy. [more ]

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