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Museu Picasso, Barcelona

5.0 stars


Collection of Picasso's Early Works

Prior to visiting this museum, I was not particularly a fan of Picasso. My preferences lean toward a more traditional, realistic form of painting. In spite of my preferences, a visit to the Museu Picasso changed my view of Picasso. I had never studied Picasso's work or his life and so never realized how truly talented he was. The collection of his early works displayed in this museum show Picasso to have been talented and accomplished in every art form he attempted, even from a young age. His early works include pencil sketches, impressionistic watercolors reminiscent of Monet, and oil paintings that reminded me a bit of the style of El Greco. Whatever your opinion of Picasso, this museum is worthwhile just for the wide range and for the astounding beauty of the works it contains. [more ]

Pots and paints in the Picasso Museum

There is good reason why this museum holds the best collection of Picasso's work. The display and temporary exhibition were donated by Picasso or his wife Jacqueline and include some very early sketches and paintings. The Museum itself occupies a few old, remodeled Spanish mansions in the La Ribera. The architecture is interesting with most outer walls consisting of exposed stone giving it a castle-like feel. Inside the exhibition space is extremely well designed chronologically and aesthetically. Most pictures are softly highlighted behind non-reflective glass and kept in pristine, well guarded rooms. The staff stationed throughout the museum will direct you when you look unsure of direction and are smart to wave people away when leaning on walls and cabinets. The trilingual summaries posed at the beginning of each new period explain the painter's and sculptor's lifestyle and influences. This museum is designed to explore and display each of Picasso's artistic periods and includes early works, blues, rosa, sculpture, cubism, free form, caricatures and studies. Many of the works included in the study of Las Meninas are displayed here and are highlighted effectively in a display where the studies are projected onto the original painting.

The shop is h-u-g-e for those who are addicted to museum and gallery outlets, so leave time for this which keeps the same hours as the museum. [more ]

Museu Picasso, Barcelona - The Best Picasso Museum

There are many Picasso collections across Europe but, in my opinion, the Museu Picasso in Barcelona is the best. It houses a huge variety of the artist’s work, including some pottery. I loved the fact that, unlike many other displays, it tracks Picasso’s paintings from his very early work as a youngster, teenager and student to his later and more recognisable work. It demonstrates that Picasso made a conscious decision to begin creating what became his Cubist collections. The paintings are displayed in chronological order and the eras of his life are explained in English, Spanish, German and French. I love Picasso anyway but the diversity of his work on show at the Barcelona museum made it even more enjoyable. His charcoal drawings and sketches really appealed to me and I found his pre-Cubist portraits very interesting.

When I went to the museum in August there was a temporary Lee Miller exhibition which I thought was fascinating. It consisted of pictures the brilliant photographer had taken throughout her long friendship with Picasso. It was intriguing to see photos of the artist enjoying days at the beach with his friends and lovers and consulting with other artists over his work.

I definitely wouldn't miss this museum while in the city, but it's probably better to go at off-peak times because in August I had to wait a very long time to get in! [more ]

Picasso Museum

Spain seems to come out on top for modern art museums- I love th Reina Sofia in Madrid especially with Guernica and the Museu Picasso is certainly not a let down. Barcelona may not be as famous for Picasso as it is for Gaudi architecture but there are some great Picasso works here. The museum occupies some adjacent town houses in the 'La Ribera' area of Barcelona and is on the south bound bus tour (blue line). It's situated on a really fascinating street 'Carrer Montacda' with a lot of other interesting buildings not far away- the Textile and Clothing agency and Omnium Cultural's headquarters (an organisation that defends Catalanism) [more ]

Museum Picasso

Museum Picasso is located at Montcada, 15-23 and it is a simple must see visit for any art lover, especially those people who enjoy Picasso's work.

It is like a treasure cove in here, a bit similar to the Dali Museum in Figueras but on a much grander scale. You can find works by Picasso from most of his stages, the Blue period, the Rose period, a great selection of prints, the studies of Velasquez's Las Meninas as well as about 40 ceramic pieces the artist did. In fact Picasso himself donated a lot of his work to the museum in 1970s.

Opening hours are Tue to Sun from 10:00am until 8:00pm. Price of the admission is €6 and there are guided tours available. [more ]

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