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Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid

5.0 stars


Getting Into the Sofia on the Cheap, Madrid

if you’re caught on a Saturday (between 2:30 pm and 8:00 pm) or Sunday (10:00 am to 2:30 pm), head over to the Sofia for free admission.

Busy on the weekend? You're in luck. Just as the museum has a host of world class artists, it also has a collection of ways to get in on the cheap or free (aside from the weekend freebies). May 18, October 12, and December 6 are free regardless of what day of the week they fall on. EU citizens can enjoy some perks and discounts and, through the end of 2008, that offer has been extended to citizens of Latin America. This includes students over 18 and what the Sofia website describes as “large families” (one adult and three children at least–or two children if one of them is disabled) who can get in for 3 Euro rather than the regular 6 Euro.

Free admission also has an extensive list, including students under 18, adults over 65, pensioners, unemployed, teachers/educators, journalists, national tourist guides, staff members of public museums, fine arts volunteers, and fine arts students from the schools in Madrid. Like you need an excuse to move here. [more ]

The Rest of the Sofia, Madrid

Most travelers will immediately think of the Prado when asked to come up with a Madrid museum. Which is all well and good until you stop to consider the Museo Nacional Reina Sofia. Then it can be a tough call (or a gluttonous day of museum-hopping). The Museo Nacional Reina Sofia has some other hot pieces going for it, all culled from the late 19th century through today. Fans of Dali’s surrealist paint trips will want to stop here, and if you need a Miro, Juan Gris, or Julio Gonzalez fix, you’ll find it at the Sofia as well. You’ll also find film work by Luis Buñuel and photography by the world-famous Man Ray. Its lush interiors coupled with vibrant modern art—art that is celebratory only in a way that the Spanish can provide—make the Sofia my personal pick over the Prado. [more ]

Guernica @ The Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid

One of Picasso’s most famous paintings (and arguably the most important), Guernica is the artist’s response en peinture to the Nazi bombing of the eponymous Spanish town in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. The stark black and white newspaper images depicting those who were killed (which is estimated to be between 250 and 1,600) and injured gave Picasso the perfect inspiration for a mural that had previously been commissioned for the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris. An icon of 20th Century art (and the effects of the 20th Century conflicts) was born, and after touring the world came to rest in Madrid. Not one to leave the art on its own, there are also preliminary sketches and other works related to this period of Picasso’s life. A word of warning, however: the Guernica room will be closed May 7, 8, and 9 as a temporary exhibition (a collection from the Picasso Museum in Paris) will be dismantled. [more ]

Reina Sofia Museum

This is probably one of the best museums of modern art that I've been to (admittedly I haven't been to that many!) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The building itself is something to marvel at and is in a beautiful, leafy setting. With lots of glass fronts and with a peaceful, oasis of calm in the middle, this is a perfect place to relax with a coffee or make your way round the museum. The Reina Sofia is home to the infamous and legendary painting of Guernica by Picasso. Stop and observe this for a while and take in the whole of it. Picasso has a whole section dedicated to his work (and deservedly so). There is also a huge Dali collection and this museum really celebrates two of Spain's greatest ever artists. There is a good gift shop as well! [more ]

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