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Prague Castle (Hradschin)

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The Prague Castle and surroundings

The amazing Prague Castle was founded on 9th Century and rebuilt on baroque and neoclassic style around 1700-1800. The castle is a real city, formed by attractions like St. Vitus Cathedral, Powder Tower, Royal Palace, Royal Gardens, Dalibor Tower, St. George Basilica and Golden Lane, the most interesting for me. It is a tiny street with small and colourful houses where nowadays working as libraries and souvenirs stores. However, in my opinion, the surroundings of the castle, from where you can have amazing panoramic views of Prague, deserves a special attention. The highlight is the picturesque Nerudova Street, a strait lane where the houses used to be identified by symbols represented just above the doors. Some of those signs still remain on the façade, such as the House of two Suns, the Golden Crown, the Three Fiddlers, the Green Lobster and the Red Eagle. The baroque style is also represented in some buildings of the street, giving a unique charm to the place. [more ]

Daliborka, Prague Castle

One of the best things composer Bedrich Smetana did for Prague,
besides writing Ma Vlast, was composing the opera Dalibor. Based on
one of the Czech Republic's most famous prisoners, Dalibor also lends
his name to the tower in which he was imprisoned. While waiting for
execution, he fiddled around on his violin to pass the time. While the
prison itself is closed off to the public, seek this tower out for a
piece of living history. And dump some Smetana onto your iPod
beforehand. [more ]

Prague Castle

Of the many fun facts about Prague Castle, one that I just recently
learned was that the new guard's uniforms (made after Prague became
capitalist and therefore touristy) were designed by the costume
designer for the film Amadeus—shot in Communist Prague—upon request of
Vaclav Havel. This is one of the reasons why I love Prague Castle. It
is such a perfect replica of the Prague that dates back to the times
of Mozart and, despite having the stigma of a tourist spot, is worth
every over-priced ticket entry and fee (although just milling around
the grounds and going into St. Vitus' is free). Check out the Old
Palace, the Powder Tower, and the gardens if you're trying to conserve
time. But if you have a whole day, grab a map and set foot in every
open area possible. [more ]

Miniatures Museum, Prague Castle

Prague is nothing if not a haven for finding curiosities, oddities,
and other freaks of nature within a museum. The Miniatures Museum is
proof positive of this. Given that it's open every day from 9:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. and is only 50 kc for adults to get in, it's worth a pit
stop on the tour of the castle district. Pick up a pair of binoculars
and check out things like a reproduction of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man
on a grain of rice. The only thing more amazing than being the person
looking at it is thinking of the person who actually made it. [more ]

Castle rooms

The castle rooms of the castle of Prague are actually not that impressive. At first, one enters an enormous hall, probably the main hall of the palace with wooden floors and a nave-like structure. From it one can go to several terraces, one more room, another museum and see the castle chapel from above and that is all. Well, actually it is a very nice feeling to walk on the same floor where the kings of the Czechs have walked and ruled, and since to visit anything else in the castle you will have a ticket to this rooms I recommend the visit. [more ]

Prague Castle

Prague castle is probably the most important historical monument in Prague and one of the biggest castles in the world. Inside the castle one can see any architectural style (of course the styles before the 19-th century) and enjoy all those great inner courtyards. There are at least 5 different courts and on the Eastern end of the castle there is tha famous Golden Lane – a small street where alchemists once lived. One can enter the different courts and the cathedral for free, but entering the buildings itself and St George’s basilica and even the Golden lane is paid and you have to buy some combined ticket for half or all the attractions inside. [more ]

Prague Castle

The Castle is one of Prague's most monumental landmarks which dominates the skyline fore miles around. The sheer size of it means that you can't possibly seee everything in one day. It houses St Vitus Cathedral which is Prague's largest church- apparently this was started in the mid 14th century but not completed until the early 20th century. There is also several other churches and chambers in the glorious castle gardens. The Belvedere in particular is worth a visit as it is one of the finest bulidings in Prague as well- built in a renaissance style. [more ]

Prague Castle

Prague Castle provides the visitor with an overload of the senses. The size and scale of the buildings, the masses of tourists, and the sounds of dozens of different languages all assail the traveller. The castle compound is a maze of various cathedrals, chapels, museums, and many other building which are closed to the public. St. Vitus' Cathedral is a fascinating sight, and it's worthwhile to join a tour group and hear some of the history of this magnificent place.

The Castle itself is the sort of place where you won't learn much without someone to tell you about it. Signposting leaves something to be desired, and if you want to understand the history of what you see you'll need a guide, whether human or electronic, to unlock some of the secrets of this site.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can wander through the Castle compound free of charge, just taking in the sights and appreciating the atmosphere. This way you can get some incredible views of the city below. There is a ticket booth at the entrance which sells tickets to various exhibitions and to the Cathedral, but you can also enjoy the castle for free. This is a great option for those of us who travel on a budget! [more ]

Karlstejn Castle

Entirely unique in its appearance the castle at Karlstejn is the father of all castles in the Czech Republic. Some may not even agree with me but the fact that every king had to be crowned here makes the castle be the heart of a nation. Its uniqueness is the combination of styles such as the Renaissance with the Gothic. This place is the safe keeper of the Empire’s crown jewels, so to speak. Other treasures such as holy relics are also kept within. The presence of the clerical society is visible in the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built inside. Do not miss the wall paintings. [more ]

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a beautiful medievil castle overlooking the city. The foudations date back to the 9th century and the history held within is amazing. The sheer size of this place is breath taking and includes churchs cathedrals & chapels. The view from St Vitus cathedral is beautiful and well worth a visit, well as long as you don't mind climbing the stairs. For anyone visiting Prague this is a must for the to-do list! [more ]

Prague Castle

Prague is a beautiful city. I enjoyed every single time there. The whole city is worth to see. Prague has many things to visit. Only to walk in the city takes more than two or three days and its hard to say what is better. The cultural environment that people breath made me feel comfortable and secure. Prague has a lot of history from medieval until communism time and that makes it rich. Prague Castle is located in the upper part of Prague. As I saw the castle I immediately thought on the old fairy tales about princesses. The castle is beautiful and the journey to get there is like nowhere else. We wanted to see everything so we stopped in every cute corner of the town and castle. The castle includes the Sant Vitus Cathedral and the Royal garden. What I like the most of this area is that the buildings are in a great condition and there is not a big contrast between modern and old, everything looks nice, old and uniform, so you really feel the environment of medieval times. [more ]

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