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Gürzenich, Cologne

4.0 stars


Cologne wine fair

A couple weeks ago, Nicolas, Frederik and I went to Koeln Wein Messe (Cologne Wine Fair). It was also the second time the wine committee held the wine fair in Cologne.
Cologne wine fair was held in Cologne Congress Hall in Cologne. The hall is really huge and great. It was pretty hot in the beginning of summer and there was no air conditioner inside. The same like in Aachen, the entrance fee is 12 Euro, but you pay only 9 Euro if you get the ticket in advance (order here I have to admit that this congress hall is a lot bigger than the one in Aachen. And there were also more stands. I found some great wine and cheese there. The prices are also not too bad. More information, email to or call 0228-629-0572 / 0172-271-4844, you can also fax to 0228-629-0574. [more ]

Have fun at Cologne Congress Hall

Cologne Congress Hall, it sounds like a place where the elected or appointed representatives to have a meeting there. But it is not a hundred percent correct, because Cologne Congress Hall is used beside as a meeting place also for some other things for example wine fair, exhibition, live band show and so on. The location is not very convenient. We have searched and asked people but it seemed like we were not so lucky. From the outside of the building, it doesn’t look very like a Congress Hall at all, but when you go inside, it looks completely different from what you’ve seen outside. The modern mosaic patterns on the windows at the staircase combining with the light bulb decoration makes the building look more vividly. [more ]

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