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Günter Grass Haus, Lübeck

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This was one of those places I only went to because my girlfriend wanted to go. You know what I mean.
Günter-Grass-Haus is found on Glockengiesserstrasse (try saying that three times) in the city of Lübeck, North Germany. From the outside it is indistinuishable from the others facades that line the street. But inside is a museum dedicated to one of Germany's best known writers.
Now I have to admit, I had absolutely no idea who Günter Grass was when I walked into the museum. Now I know that he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999, and wrote something called the "Danzig Trilogy". He is also something of a sculptor and artist, and many of his works of this nature are on display in the museum.
I really hope I don't offend any of the man's fans out there - if you are a fan, this exhibition is worth a good look - but the whole museum failed to move me at all. I guess if you are not interested in something, you are never going to be interested. [more ]

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Günter Grass Haus Lübeck
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