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Nymphenburg Palace, Munich

4.0 stars


Munich - Nymphenburg Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace is one of the most beautiful attractions of Munich. It stays in a really nice area to visit – given that the Botanic Garden stays nearby and a large garden extends beyond the Palace, along a small water course.

This was the summer palace of the royalty of Bavaria – construction beginning in the XVII century. The interiors are magnificent – and I am particular fond of the ceilings amazing paintings.

The “Gallery of Beauties” makes you wonder why the Palace was called as such. Surely many stories will come to your mind about voluptuous Lola Montez and King Ludwig I - the grandfather of Ludwig II who was actually born at Nymphenburg. [more ]

Schloss Nymphenburg

No one visiting Munich should miss Nymphemburg Schloss which is perhaps its most interesting attraction. The birthplace of Mad King Ludwig, the Schloss is a highlight of Bavaria. The Schloss itself was a light and airy palace and beautiful with ornate decor at every turn. The Mirror Room is truly spectacular, as is the collection of sleighs, carriages and porcelain and both are not to be missed, along with the Gallery of Beauties. But perhaps the biggest enjoyment for me was the grounds and the pavilions scattered around them. The smaller buildings were as ornate and detail oriented as the larger building and the walks along the paths were very relaxing. [more ]

Schloss Nymphenburg

This is a very different palace from all the ones I have seen in Germany, It has a more Italian or French look; I am not really sure, but it certainly is different to all the Palaces I have seen in the past.
The Palace also has many gardens and also a botanical garden which has a vast collection of exotic plants.
Some of the things in the Palace that I recommend are: a very weird exhibition of portraits showing the favorite women of the court, Amalienburg which is the hunting pavilion which is really beautiful and the Festsaal which is a great dancing hall in the central building of the palace. [more ]

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