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Piazza San Marco, Venice

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The most crowded square in Venice ,Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco (St. Mark´s Square) was right at the heart of Venice. The square was filled with lively coffee bars and terraces. The majestic views as one arrived from the water where magnificent. You can easily access the piazza from many other points of Venice in the Vaporettos. When we got to the square we were surrounded by innumerable crowds of people and herds of pigeons. Adjacent to the square where long streets in all directions with souvenir shops and restaurants. The building that stand out the most was the superb Basilica de San Marco and it´s impressive Bell Tower. In this square you can also find the famous Correr Museum. Great place to hang about although way too many pigeons! [more ]

Dangerous pigeons

When I've been to Venice I went to San Marco square like a "proper" tourist. I found it really beautiful, but pigeons which are hanging out there were kind of spoiling the experience. They are so used to people, that they have no fear to land on their shoulders or even heads. This was really annoying.
Moreover, recently I've read the article that Venice pigeons are also dangerous. The scientists found out that these birds are transferring serious diseases to people. There were several cases of salmonella infections caused by contact with pigeons at San Marco square. So, dear tourists, watch out!
Besides it will be forbidden to feed birds at San Marco square from 30th of April 2008. [more ]

Monuments in Piazza San Marco

The Museo Correr was created in 1800 by Napoleon as a state ballroom but now it is also known as The Museum of the City and Civilization of Venice. There is also the Torre dell'Orologio that has been ringing out the hours since 1499 and the Basilica di San Marco with a distinctly Byzantine design. The Palazzo Ducale, or Doge's Palace is a Venetian Gothic edifice once a residence of the Doge of Venice. Then you shall turn towards the Campanile that has stood there for more than a thousand years. [more ]

Piazza San Marco

While in Russia everybody has to visit the Red Square. In Venice its equivalent is the Piazza San Marco. Napoleon called the Piazza San Marco the finest drawing room in Europe and this is because the Piazza San Marco is a better place for sitting and spending time than every sitting room of a 5 stars hotel. Everywhere around the square you can see people sitting like pigeons and spending an entire day there. The piazza is actually a trapezoid and it looks great and very interesting. [more ]

Venice – Marcus square

The Marcus square is the main access point for most trips to Venice. Many boats bring the tourists into this port. Around the plaza, you find some really nice souvenir shops; I especially enjoyed and bought quite some of the colorful figures. Directly next to the Marcus square you can find the Doge’s Palace, which is now converted into a museum. Also close by is the Rialto bridge, which connects two banks of Venice. If you want to make a stop in one of the many cafés at the Marcus square, just take into consideration that they are really expensive, e.g. a cappuccino can cost about 12 Euro. [more ]

Piazza San Marco

This square in Venice is known by two names, Piazza San Marco and also as St. Mark's Square. The square is a nice way to escape the constant view of the water in venice. This square however, contains a lot of tourists. I noticed more in this area than anywhere else in Venice.

The square is not always "dry". When I was there the tide was high causing the entire square to be slightly flooded. The city will makes a good attempt to make walk ways, but this will limited the ability to sit at a cafe or to travel between buildings in the square, the dry walkways can get really crowded. However, if you find the square flooded, just came back a little later and the tide might lower.

In the area of the Piazza San Marco is the Giardini ex Reali. This is a public garden for walking through. Watch out for all the cats that hang around there. When I was there it seemed as though cats could roam freely as they please in this area.

The Campanile di San Marco located also in this area provides one of the best views in Venice. There is an elevator up to the top of this bell tower. I would recommend going up here during the day in order to get a glimpse of all the canals here from a great ariel view.

One of the best museums in the city can be found here. The museum is calle Museo Civico Correr. This museum provides a large variety of relics from the city's former days. [more ]

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