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Park Güell, Barcelona

5.0 stars


Parc Guell

We had been advised to see the Sagrada Familia as a priority in Barcelona and to take in other Gaudi stuff afterwards but we were lucky enough to get a ticket to the Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia for only 2 euro more than just to the Sagrada Familia. I am so glad I went. I am no expert at architecture but I did find all the Gaudi 'houses' really amazing and very differenet- especially from everything else in Barcelona. If I'm right, I think Gaudi actually lived in this house with his neice for about twenty years- the museum is so impressive. I think other people have said, but it is very Alice in Wonderland and a bit incongreous in the area but amazing! [more ]

The staircase and the Pavilion at Parc Güell

You simply cannot miss the staircase as this is one of the most instantly recognizable landmarks in the park. In the middle of it you can see something between a lizard and a dragon done in wonderful and colorful ceramic tile. The pavilions were designed for both visitors and the park keepers. It has to be said it is delightfully fairytale like and you can also admire all the breathtaking buildings and the tiling Gaudí has become so famous for. Also check out the pathway that is supported by the pillars that seem to grow out from the ground. They almost look natural. [more ]

Parc Güell

Parc Güell is located at Olot, s/n. Now if there is anything by Gaudí you should see then Parc Güell is it. Parc Güell started out as a housing project, Gaudí patron Güell wanted a housing complex that would be reminiscent of the English system so he bought a huge part of hilly land in Barcelona and gave Gaudí the reins. The effect is nothing less of magical. The project however no matter how magical it looks nowadays was a failure because not one house was sold by 1918. So in 1922 the city of Barcelona acquired the property and it was opened up as a public park. It also has to be mentioned this is Gaudí largest work. There are several highlights that I will mention.

The opening hours are daily Nov to Feb from 10:00am until 6:00pm; May to August from 10:00am until 9:00pm; March and October from 10:00am until 7:00pm and April and Sept from 10:00am until 8:00pm. [more ]

Parc Güell - fresh, funky and exciting - if not a little exhausting

One of the main attractions in Barcelona is the Parc Güell, second only to the Ciutadella as the most visited park in Barcelona. Of course, the attraction to this park owes itself to the fact that it was designed by artist Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926).

Gaudí's idea when creating the park was to use shapes that harmonized with the landscape by building complex staircases, animalike sculptures, curvy ramps, gardens and viaducts. These are great to see once you get up here, but it is an absolutely exhausting climb if you aren't taking the car. I went by metro, which only took me so far, and I spent a lot of time trying to get to the top in 30° heat. The best way to get there is probably with the Bus Turístic (, but then you miss out on the reward of self-achievement for getting there! Admission to the park, by the way, is free - excellent!

There are many different areas that make up Parc Guell and I found myself a little disorientated (or was that the effects of the heat?!). It is very open, with very little area for shade, so do make sure you are protected from the elements depending on the weather! I don't recommend taking children here, just because of the hard climb and the areas in the park in which it is hard to keep an eye on them to keep them from getting lost. Having said that, I could see how children would love all the little nooks and crannies and caves they can play around in.

In the centre of Parc Güell is a large bench in the form fo a snake and each part has a different pattern and colour. This was on of my favourite parts, as well as the caves and hallways that were slanted with an an optical illusion effect. Here is a great place to relax for a while, although it was disappointing to see that some tourists felt the need to scratch/write their names on the stones. I don't really care if "JH luvs EP 2003" were here - just stop defacing public landmarks!

Down below this part is where you can find the famous lizard. It is a real task trying to get a photo of it where at least five people aren't in the way, but that's just how it is at popular places and I'm sure people don't really mean to get in the way.

I particularly liked how many of the ceramics and glass pieces used around the park were recycled and this really shows the innovationa nd modernity that Gaudi used in his works. A must-see site for all cultured cosmotourists! Since 1984 the park has been declared a monument of world interest by UNESCO. [more ]

Pink architectural view

Gaudi actually bought this house in 1906, which now is known as the Gaudi museum; it had been built by Francesc Berenguer, one of his so called collaborators. You will find many historical blueprints of the artist inside, as well as a beautiful ouside scenery. The house was known as the Pink Tower as Antoni Gaudí was very fond of the Rose Virgin. You can still feel the artist's way of perceiving the world around by the beautiful objects and art you are going to find inside... [more ]

Park Guell

Park Guell in Barcelona is one of the masterpieces of the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is situated on the top of a hill and is actually quite far from the city center. The park starts amazing its visitors from the entrance, which is made by two very strange and extremely beautiful buildings. It is full of great arches, colonnades, terraces created by Gaudi. Everything he made looks so close to the nature, so perfectly natural, and then it all makes a unique mixture with the real nature all around the park. I felt more surrounded by nature than anywhere else, but actually the feeling is indescribable. [more ]

Take me to a fun park! Parc Guell.

Gaudi's Park Guell is a wonderful wonderland. The top has a superb view over the city past the house of resistance, overlooking Sagrada Familia and the haze of Barcelona. The path zig zags down the mountain spitting tourists out into different 'rooms' of the park such as the tree root corridor and the columned marketplace. Each area has a different feel, some artificial yet fitting to nature with the use of organic shape and others are designed to be very close to nature. Pigeons weave through the trunks of Gaudi's trees and nest in the branches.

The park is popular but it isn't hard to find some privacy or peace in one of the various surroundings. At different points in the park, people were playing music, painting, and selling crafts. School groups perched on top of the look out and children ran through the marketplace columns below.

The park is a metro trip and a climb away. I would recommend entering the park from the north-west as there are some super handy escalators up the hill. The most interesting design of the park is at the bottom, near Gaudi's house and it's usually recommended to save the best for last. [more ]

Güell Park

Definitely my favorite park until today. It has 20 hectares of land. Some curious information about the park is that the first idea was to build an English style green area and that’s why they named it “park” but then thanks to Gaudí the park does not follow the tradition style of such a place. Güell was a rich man of influence in Barcelona and thanks to him Gaudí could fulfill many projects. All the places I visited were great, totally different from what I had seen before. In the main entrance there is an alligator that welcomes the tourists. There are different scenarios in the park, and its hard to say if any is better than the other I think all together are a masterpiece of genius architecture. I love the combination of color and the life they bring to the building. [more ]

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Park Güell Barcelona one of his projects... fresh air :) perspective from below one of his projects...
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