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Alexanderplatz, Berlin

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One of Berlin's central squares, Alexanderplatz is a mixture of modern and historical. It is the cite of the largest subway station in the city as well as home to a variety of shops and stores. The TV tower, one of Europe's tallest structures, is in Alexanderplatz.

The square was named for Alexander the First of Russia in the early 1800's. It was written about in a book in the 1920's, but in World War II, the square was destroyed. It wasn't until the 1960's and after the reunification of Germany that the square was rebuilt and revamped into the bustling center of the city that it is today.

The Park Inn Hotel marks the north border of the square. The hotel has over 1000 rooms and is over 100 meters high. The building is shiny and modern looking with a mirror facade, and it is surpassed in height only by the TV tower in the area.

The square is also home to the World Time Clock that tells time all over the globe and is topped with a statue of the solar system. Oh! and there is the Fountain of Internal Friendship in the square as well. At night the fountain is lit up and is a nice image. Both were built in the late 1960's. [more ]

Alexanderplatz, overrated as a tourist attraction?

Alexanderplatz is a confusing area. Mixed with the old remnants of old buildings dating back to the communist era, you can find huge shopping malls and hotels. Popular with the locals on weekends and during holidays, tourists often stop by for a chance to take photos of the World Time Clock and the Friendship Fountain. I found the place a little overrated. While it looks nice, I think there are a lot of spots in Berlin that look better and are not as congested. Maybe it had to do with the fact that there was a lot of construction going on when I was there, so it was noisy and dusty everywhere. [more ]

Alexanderplatz - the center of East Berlin

Alex - as it's known by the locals was once the center of East Berlin and you can still tell by the (not so) attractive communist buildings and signs of socialism around the square. Not only are the buildings reminiscent of the communist era but there are a lot of 'punks' hanging around with their mangy dogs (they are, of course completely harmless!). These days Alex seems a little empty and dreary which I think is actually because of these boring boxy buildings.

However, Alex and it's surrounding area are home to a number of attractions such as Berlin's TV Tower, the Neptune Fountain, the hotel 'Park Inn', the World Time Clock, the Fountain of Friendship between Peoples and the Red City Hall.

Alex is surely going to look a bit more attractive soon with Berlin's ever continuous construction. In mid-2007 Alexa - a three story shopping mall with approximately 180 stores - was built and has proved to be very popular and another mall is beginning to be built in 2008. [more ]

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