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Wenceslas Square, Prague

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Art and Wenceslas Square

Prague is a great place to find some out-there art in unexpected
places. An example: the St. Wenceslas statue in Wenceslas Square. It's
a popular meeting place in the center of town and part of Prague's
vibrant celebration of past, present, and future. But for the real
fun—and a more modern touch—head over to the Lucerna passage off the
square to check out an upside-down version of the statue. [more ]

Wnceslas square (Vaclavske Nameste)

Wenceslas’ Square in Prague is a very long square in the New Town of the city. It is more like a boulevard than a square. This is the place, where the most shopping activity in Prague is situated, so here there are so many of the big and expensive shops, bookstores, fast-food booths, casinos and souvenir shops. The prices are actually quite high. At the upper end of the square is the Czech National museum and, in front of it – the statue of St. Vaclav. Be careful about entering the museum, it is not about Czech history or traditions, it is mostly about natural history. [more ]

Wenceslaus Square

Wenceslao square an important place in Prague just like the Old town square. There are different kinds of buildings, and some movies were filmed there. At the end you find the National Museum, a beautiful building. There are some stores where you can buy nice things and cheap food, cinemas, hotels several cafés and restaurants but I heard the prices are rocking now. The square is known for 2 important events. One is that 200 000 Czechs marched asking for freedom, the second is that Jan Palach set himself on fire right in the square. The square is nicer during the day; at night it becomes a red spot area, if you are the kind of people that like night life then it is a good place. I don’t recommend it for family at night, there are other better attractions. [more ]

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