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Catedral de la Almudena, Madrid

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Madrid's Almudena modern cathedral

Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral was finished just in 1993, although the initial construction plans date back to XV century and the construction itself started in the late XIX century. Built on top of an old Muslim mosque, the Cathedral’s Crypt was the first part to be finished. Nowadays excavations around it reveal remains of the old Moor medieval population.
Almudena is thus a modern cathedral, with a mix on influences in what regards architecture styles, ranging from Gothic to Neoclassic. Some of the inner vitrals are quite appealing. Its main entrance looks to the Royal Palace and the back part and Crypt towards the Gardens of the Moor’s Field.
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Madrid - Almudena Cathedral impressive Crypt

Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral has an impressive crypt at its foundations. In a neo-Romanesque style with clear Byzantine influences, the distinctive characteristic of this crypt is the amazing set of low arches and white columns that make its corridors quite inspiring and inviting to reflection. The vitrals, the acoustics, the paintings and tombs all over the place make it a unique place. It is a good idea to walk carefully, in order to avoid stepping into the tomb stone of some noble or bourgeois family. There are chapels also all along the lateral parts of the crypt. The entrance is not free, but costs only a couple of Euro. [more ]

Beautiful and Colorful Ceilings and wall panels: Catedral de la Almudena

The Catedral de la Almudena was beautiful inside out. There was a mass taking place when we walked in so we had to linger around before we could take any pictures. Despite it´s outdoor classic style I was really impressed with the beautiful designs and colours of the apse and ceiling. The cathedral had large wall panels with paintings of saints and really striking designs and colours. The Stain Glass added to it´s beauty and were of the largest I´ve seen. You will easily find the Catedral de la Almudena as it is next to the Palacio Real (Royal Palace). The nearest Metro station is Opera. Also the Cathedral was nearby the picturesque barrio de La Latina to the right of the Main facade. There are so many sites to see in Madrid and it gets overwhelming at some point but a visit to this cathedral is worth the effort! [more ]

Surprised by the interior of the Catedral de la Almudena in Madrid.

Close to the Palacio Real you will find the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Almudena. Although I prefer the more Renaissance and sometime Baroque churches, this one did also touch me. The strange thing is, that because of the long building period there are very different styles integrated. For example, the exterior is build in a sober, grey neo-classical style that fits to the Palacio. When I entered the cathedral I was quite impressed by the neo-gothic interior and especially by the very modern stained glass windows and painting of the ceiling. The colorfulness of the interior contradicted with the sober exterior. [more ]

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Catedral de la Almudena Madrid La Almudena+Palacio Chorgewölbe Exterior of Catedral de la Almudena, side. Interior Catedral de la Almudena
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