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Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

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Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is a very interesting triumphal arch, very different from all others triumphal archs I have seen around Europe. First of all it is red! Built of some kind of reddish stones, this is the only non-white triumphal arch I have ever seen. It is also in a very strange style with some Arabian influence. Arc de Triomf is in the middle of a nice large square with some small gardens around it, very close to the main bus station of the city – Estacio del Nort. The triumphal arch of Barcelona is one of the attractions that should never be missed by the tourists. [more ]

Arc de Triomf

We accidently stumbled upon the Arc de Triomf when we were walking to the Estacio del Nord bus station to get the bus back to the airport. We were walking through this very well-to-do neighbourhood (which was absolutely empty on a Sunday) when suddenly the Arc de Triomf rose up in front of us. It's a really lovely area and a very nice walk. It is a bit incongrous with the surroundings as it does seem to appear out of nowhere- but there is a very beautiful building beside it where the copper had gone green (we never actually found out what it was). The Arc de Triomf seems to be a meeting place for a lot of young people due to the wide areas of open space around it and a popular place to leave [more ]

Arc de Triomf

Arc de Triomf was intended and designed for the World Exhibition of 1888 and magnificent as it is it was the main entrance to the exhibition. The similarity with the Arc de Triomf ends with the name because the architect behind the design Vilaseca i Casanovas made it colorful and in mudejar style that draws its origins from the Moorish style. At the top you can notice the coat of arms of Barcelona. On the other side you can see all the other regions of Spain represented. The Arc de Triomf is just a short walk away from the Parc de la Ciutadella. [more ]

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