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Giza pyramid complex, Nazlat as Samman

4.0 stars


Colourful Sound & Light Show at the pyramids / sphinx

At dawn, the sound & light show takes place on a (because of the desert sand) weather-beaten stage with a view to the sphinx and the pyramids. During nice light effects, the story of old Egypt is told. Although the content of the story is not better than a TV documentation or a book about Egypt, it is wonderful to look at the illuminated pyramids. They create a nice, almost touching atmosphere. It is allowed to take pictures, but if you want to bring a film camera, you have to pay a fee of about 7 Dollars. [more ]

The (In)Famous Light Show at the Pyramids

People generally seem to be divided into two opinions on the nighttime sound and light show which takes place at the Pyramids at Giza. You either love it or hate it. I must admit that I'm closer to the second opinion than the first. The lights are indeed beautiful, but the music and the voice-overs that accompany it are laughable, and the whole experience itself seems somehow to detract from the grandeur of these wonders of the world. Others might have exactly the opposite opinion, but if tourist-geared spectacles aren't your thing, I recommend skipping this one. [more ]

Just to Say You've Done It

I'm not sure whether most people visit the Pyramids at Giza with the same idea I had in mind: to marvel at these ancient wonders set in a vast expanse of lonely desert and to contemplate the ancient society that put so much work into burying its monarchs. Well, you can certainly marvel, but the desert is far from lonely, and any contemplation you do will be to the background noise of thousands of tourists, hundreds of vendors, and dozens of giant tour buses parked right in front of the largest of the pyramids. Yes, it is still worth a trip to see these amazing structures, and I did stand in front of them with my mouth open and that giddy feeling of, "I can't believe I'm here!" But be prepared for the crowds, the noise, and the enormous number of people trying to sell you things. If you're still interested in the peace of the lonely desert, I recommend a trip to the Red Pyramid in Dashur (about an hour south of Cairo by taxi) to clear your head! [more ]

Touts at the Pyramids

Tourists beware! The area around the pyramids is well-known for touts trying to sell you everything from souvenirs (including Saudi Arabian head gear, go figure!) to donkey and camel rides. We met our first tout when he jumped into the open door of our taxi and rode with us for several minutes, attempting to convince us that we needed to see the pyramids from horseback. Once a vendor like this has insinuated himself, it's best to be polite but firm and continue to say no. It took several minutes before this particular man gave up and jumped back out of the cab. It's best to avoid contact at all. Some vendors can be quite pushy. My traveling partner and I found the best way was to speak Spanish, as none of the vendors could communicate with us in Spanish. Alternatively, be firm and don't accept any "free gifts," as you will always have to pay for them! This can be a frustrating experience, especially if it's your first time being hassled in this manner, but don't let it spoil your experience of the Pyramids. It's well worth the hassle. [more ]

The breathtaking pyramids of giza

An impressive part of human history from the ancient world. Relatively few tourists visit the only one of the seven world wonders that still exists. We were there in August 2007 with a group of tourists. It is really breathtaking to look at the pyramids either from one of the various viewpoints, or when standing directly in front of the pyramids. Without restrictions it is possible to walk in the desert sand around the 140 meter high pyramids.
Despite of the suffocating heat and the long journey (when coming from the tourist areas of Egypt), it is really worthwhile to visit the pyramids.
Tip: Crawling into the pyramids (for 10 Dollars) is not worth the money. [more ]

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