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Tierpark Hellabrunn, Munich

4.0 stars



This is an interesting place indeed, as is most of Munich. One thing you should know here is that actually there is an area here that is reserved explicitly for sun tanning. Actually the area is reserved specifically for this purpose. If you plan to come here, plan to feel out of the ordinary with your bathing suit. Not everyone will be naked here, but if want to see how Munich can be a very open city, come by the nude tanning section.

There is also a very strange youth hostel located here called "The Tent". Here people basically camp out right in the Tiergarten at night they have a beer garden and play music. Its also something interesting to see, a bunch of camping tourists sleeping in one of the largest parks in Munich.

This park is worth a visit since its just a short walk north west of the main statin and a great place to go for a stroll. [more ]

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