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Heidelberg Castle

5.0 stars


Stairs up to the Castle

If you are taking a trip to Heidelberg, Germany then you will be absolutely amazed at the castle that is there. One of the really neat things about the castle is that it has stairs that start out right in the city and go all the way up to it. What I mean by this is that you can be walking on a normal street and all of the sudden there will be stairs in front of you leading up to the castle. I am not in the best shape, but whenever I go this castle I always try to race whoever I am with to the top. Whenever I reach the top of the stairs I feel like I am about to have a heart attack. Now that says one of two things, either I am grossly out of shape or there are just a lot of stairs there. [more ]

Who said that lightning never strikes twice?!

I feel sorry for Heidelberg Castle, as far as it is possible to feel sorry for a ruined building! 80m up the 'Königstuhl' hillside, the castle dominates the old town, but has only been partially rebuilt. However it has done well to survive to it's standard today because in the 800 years that it has been standing, wars, fires and two bolts of lightninghave destroyed many parts of the castle (in 1537 and then just over two hundred years later in 1764). It's a tough cookie! I had to see it!

It was so lovely to walk through the old town to the steps leading up to the castle. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way, but the other option is to take a bus or a sort of tram up to the main entrance and courtyard. This is nto expensive, but I feel that walking up, where possible, gives a better feeling of achievement. It is quite steep at first but then eases off eventually, where you get a fantastic view over the old down and the River Neckar.

There are a couple of free museums in the buildings around the ruins but they are not particularly interesting. The best one in my opinion is the 'Deutsches Apotheken-Museum', but this is still rather small and feels cramped when there are lots of people around.

You do not need a whole day to visit the castle in Heidelberg, but I don't think the trip is complete until you do visit it. The fantastic views alone are worth it. The area is very open so take plenty of sun-protection on those hot summer days. There are areas to eat and get a drink or an ice-cream but the prices are high, which shames the visit a little bit by reminding you what a tourist trap it has become. It is much better to wait until you are back down in the main town and get a sandwich and drink at a nice little local cafe.

The castle is very popular amongst american and japanese tourists. This seems to have been the case for a long time especially amongst american tourists, when the american author Mark Twain wrote about the Castle's Powder Turret as far back as 1880: "Misfortune has done for this old tower what it has done for the human character sometimes - imoroved it." A quote I can definitely agree with. Heidelberg Castle should be on the priority list of attractions to see when visiting the city.
[more ]

Christmas Heidelberg - the castle

We had friends visiting us in Mainz for Christmas. traditionally Christmas is a total "dead" time in Germany. For about 3 days it is hard to find anything to do because everything is simply closed.
On 25th of December we were tired of all the Christmas endless eating so we drove to Heidelberg for an evening walk.
First unexpected surprise was that the Castle was actually opened!!! and not only opened but also for free! Normally you would pay the entrance fee in order to see the yard of the Castle, to access some panoramic view terraces and of course to see the biggest wine barrel. It was about 6pm and everything was opened. There were just a few people, so it was much better for sightseeing.
Heidelberg castle looks so different in the night! It is all illuminated and creates a mysterious atmosphere. [more ]

the Great barrel (Großes Fass)

When me and my friends entered the place where the barrel was supposed to be, we saw a very big barrel and were really amazed, we started making pictures with it and so on,. We were going to leave, when a woman came to us and told us that this is actually not the Big barrel, it is much smaller, and the Big Barrel is inside the next room. And then we went there and were shocked, it was sooo big, at least 7-8 meters high and 10-15 meters long. It can contain 220 000 liters of wine, I can't imagine how many people are necessary to drink so much wine even for one year or so. Usually I am not a great fan for attractions of this type, but this one was really worth visiting. We had a great luck that it was included in the ticket for the castle, otherwise we would probably have missed it. [more ]

Heidelberg castle

The Castle of Heidelberg is one of the nicest late-medieval castles I have seen. However, it has been ruined some time ago and now some parts of it are not used at all. It is the only partially-ruined castle that has impressed me so much. It contains many attractions like the pharmacy museum or the Big Barrel, claimed to be the biggest wine barrel in the world. There are many places around the castle, from which there is a really nice view towards the city and I am a great fan of the nice views. There are also lots of places to have a walk around the castle. [more ]

Heidelberg Schloss

As well as being the largest castle on the Bergstrasse, Heidelberg Schloss is also by far the most impressive. Don’t cheat by taking the funicular railway (from the Kornmarkt) but get fit by taking 15min walk up the Burgweg on foot. (Sensible footwear is recommended as it’s mainly cobblestones). Once you finally reach the Schloss, catch your breath by enjoying the panoramic views over the River Neckar and the city below. There’s much to see inside the castle but ‘das Grosses Fass’ had me intrigued; it’s a twenty-foot tall wine barrel with a 100,000 litre capacity …so how did they manage get it into its room? Parts of the castle were undergoing ‘cleaning’ when I visited so not everything was accessible but it’s the views I will remember for a very long time. Most impressive. [more ]

Heidelberg Castle

I went there with a group of friends from my university last semester; it was one of the few days in winter when the day was actually nice, sunny and warm.
It was the first time I saw a real castle; the castle stands right on top of a hill and from it you can see the city centre plus a really nice view from the Neckar River. It was also the first time I felt as in Europe, before I had gone to many other cities in Germany and none of them have the European atmosphere that I was expecting.
The castle was really nice; I think you pay more than what you are receiving, not because the castle is not worth it, but because they only let you visit few places in the castle. If you pay more you get a real tour and you are allowed into more places in the castle. [more ]

Heidelberg Castle

I already saw this castle 4 times, but would still visit it again.It's impressive.If you are going with a group, it's really worth hiring a castle guide, as he/she makes you understand how and why the castle was built.The tour takes long, but don't forget to visit the park near the castle and the world's biggest wine barrel.What I most liked about the castle was the old pharmacy.It's very informational, especially if you're interested in the evolution of medicine. [more ]

Heidelberg Castle

The view from Heidelberg Castle is very breathtaking. It lays up on the edge of a mountain. It was quite a climb to get up to the castle, walking up an endless amount of stairs, but once you get up there, you are presenting with a great view of Heidelberg. From here you can clearly see the Neckar River as well as the tops of all the houses.

Although most of the castle was deteriorating, the castle was still quiet impressive. Inside the castle, visit the Wine Vat Building. Inside the building they had the largest barrel of wine that I had ever seen. This thing is capable of holding more than 200,000 liters of Wine! This Wine Barrel is actually claimed to be the largest in the entire world. By the size of it, I don’t doubt them. Inside the Wine Building they also sell wine that is made right in Heidelberg.

Straight across from the Wine Building is the Pharmaceutical Museum. In this Museum I had the chance to see utensils and laboratory equipment from the 18th century. Even though as some parts of the building really stunk, everything was left exactly the way it was, something most of the German museums are quite good at, preserving everything.

Walking around the castle you will find also still the cannons overlooking a brilliant view of the city. I took more pictures up on this castle than anywhere else in Heidelberg. If you are in Heidelberg, you are really missing out if you don’t go up on the castle. If you are worried about the language, don’t worry, there are probably more English speakers in this city than anywhere else. Americans seem to dominate a lot of the tourism here. This city was even spared during the war, probably so the Americans liked it so much, [more ]

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