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Olympiapark, Munich

5.0 stars


Amazing sports arena

There is no way to see the olympic shadow that tainted the München Olympics today, all that is left is a sports stadium with an incredible architecture and landscaping. If you want a workout there are plenty of opportunity to take a swim were the champions did it or walk on the athleticsfield where so many records were set. There are plenty to do now that the games are over:
- Abseiling from the top of the Olympiapark
- Dinner at the rotating restaurant in Olympiaturm
- Guided tour of the entire compund
- Open swimminghall for everyone
- Rent a boat on the small artificial lake located by the Olympiaarena
- Have a beer in the beergarden. [more ]

Olympic Park

After seeing the movie “Munich” I was really curious as to how the actual Olympic Park looks like in Munich. When I finally took a trip there, I got to see how great the park actual is and how even though its not being used for the Olympics, there are still a lot of practical uses for it today. One thing that a lot of Germans use it for is for running.

Go up the Olympic Turm (tower) and there is both a great view and a restaurant above. It also spins around in a circle, which I thought was pretty unique. Though I didn’t try the food (its very expensive up to 100 euros a meal), I was able to pay 4 euros and just go up to the top for the view.

If you want a more personal view of the park, I would recommend buying the Adventure Tour ticket. This will allow you to get into the athlete’s building. You will be able to see the lockers and the athlete’s areas. Finally you’ll get to walk on the actually stadium field. For just doing this the price is a little high however, at 8 euros per ticket. [more ]

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