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Byrsa, Douar ech Chott

4.0 stars


Roman Ruins at Byrsa

On our trip to Carthage, we also saw the ruins at Byrsa on the hill overlooking the harbour, where a huge Roman temple used to stand and where an ancient Cathedral now dominates the scene, with a huge mosque built on the next hill to challenge the Cathedral’s dominance of the skyline. There is a small museum on the site with ancient artefacts, incluing mosaics, pottery, and sculpture, which is worth a visit but shouldn't take much time to see. The best part of the site, I think, are the ruins from the ancient temples perched on the side of the hill. Climbing over, around, and through the ruins is the best part of the experience. [more ]

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1. Punic Harbour 1.25 mi
2. Antonin Baths 1.35 mi
3. Church of St. Cypriot 2.55 mi
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