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Rote Flora, Hamburg

3.0 stars


Less culture, more anti-culture

True, the Rote Flora used to be a theater, but those days are long gone. When in the late 80s plans became public of turning the small building into a big commercial musical theater the owner encountered strong protests from the autonomous scene in the punky Schanzenviertel. In the end the theater moved out and the squatters moved in. Ever since this has been the "Archive for Social Movements" and the "Autonomously Occupied Culture Center". It´s all very secretive, though some parts are accessible (like the bike workshop and the cafe). Whenever there´s a big demonstration in town you can be sure the folks from the Flora are in some way involved and quite often you will find the random burning car on the street in front of it after such demonstration... [more ]

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Rote Flora Hamburg rote flora - hamburg sternschanze Rote Tulpe im Garten - Red Tulip in Garden
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