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Great Pyramid of Giza, Nazlat as Samman

3.0 stars


The Pyramids

I feel kind of bad for saying this, because the pyramids get so much hype... but when I saw them I kind of thought, yeah, so what. They weren't nearly as big as they had been built up in my imagination, and frankly once you've been at the site for a few minutes and taken your photos, there's not much else. You can go inside if you buy a ticket, but on the day we went the ticket office was closed and no one was allowed in. So perhaps that would have made it more interesting. An additional annoyance were the masses of locals trying to con and pester you into buying "authentic" artifacts, or wanting to overcharge you for a camel ride or a crappy t-shirt. Believe it or not I am glad I went, because I think you can't say anything unless you've been there and seen it, but it's not something I'll rush to do again. [more ]

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