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Doge's Palace, Venice

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Palazzo Ducale – Great Council Hall

Great Council Hall in the Palazzo Ducale is specially impressive because of the huge painting done by Tintoretto that hangs on the opposite side of the Great Council Hall, right above where doge used to sit. The name of the painting is Paradiso and it is enormous, it is considered to be the biggest oil painting in the world. Tintoretto was also responsible for the portraits of doges, all 76 of them that are just at the top of the chamber. Although over time the power of the doges was diminished and they were nothing more then a figurehead at previous times they had great power. In the 76 portraits you will notice that one is blackened out – it was a portrait of doge that committed treason and was decapitated in 14th century. [more ]

Palazzo Ducale – interior highlights

There is plenty to see inside of Palazzo Ducale, as said the structure kept being expanded over the year.

The first thing you will come across is the Giants staircase and it is an impressive sight. It is enormous and it will lead you inside to the exterior that is equally lavish. The purpose was to create something that will impress anyone who walks through and to get an idea just how powerful and rich Venetian republic was. The first highlight is the Hall of the Four Doors (the fresco on the ceiling is Tintoretto's work), while next stop is the Sala del Anti- Collegio where foreign dignitaries were met (check out the art work here as well).
Sala de Senato was the place where laws were passed and it is by far the most impressive of the rooms even though there is some tough competition. In the Room of the Council of Ten was the headquarters of the secret police where decisions were made which offenders would be executed. In the room right next to it, you can see the Lion's mouth, a hole in the wall where people would put accusations about possible enemies of the state. [more ]

Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale is located on San Marco piazza.

Palazzo Ducale or the Doge's Palace is one the staples of Venice and really should be seen at all costs, if nothing else then from the outside. The Doge's Palace that you can see today is believed to date back to 14th century, however there was a building in its place even before that. In 16th century the Palazzo was severely damaged in a fire and was restored again in the Gothic style. The doges that ruled Venice for over 1000 years kept expanding the place. Take Porta della Carta or the Paper gate that will you inside a most magnificent courtyard.

Opening hours are daily from 9:00am until 5:00pm (during the summer months opening hours are from 9:00am until 7:00pm). [more ]

The Doge's Palace

The Doges’ Palace is the most famous landmark of Venice. It is one of the most famous scenery of Venice and represents the inherent culture of the city. It can also be called a “Court of Justice”.

It has a prison which is called “Hall of Compass”. We were shocked to hear that in yesteryears it was very easy to send anyone to prison in Venice. You just had to accuse him of any small misdeed and he could be sent to prison!

He could be packed off to “Mouth of Secret Accusations” if you made an anonymous complaint. This place is still there in the Hall of Compass. Imagine what it would be like if in today’s world also this system was prevalent. I suppose more than half the world would be in the prison! [more ]

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