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Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

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If your time in Istanbul is short and you can only visit one main landmark, it should be Topkapı Palace without a doubt. I spent the better part of a day wandering around the complex and still felt like I hadn't seen even half of what there was to offer. The artwork within the architecture is stunning to say the least - I took about 500 photos of walls and ceilings and doors and tiles just because I couldn't believe how beautiful it all was. Be aware that there is tremendous demand to get in the gates, so start early, and there's also a weird system that you have to purchase the services of a licensed tour operator in order to visit certain sections of the palace. This, of course, can all be arranged in advance with a travel agent, which might be a good idea if you're going to be pressed for time on the day. I didn't plan ahead because I didn't know what to expect, and in retrospect I wish I'd been more organised and seen more of the complex. [more ]

Topkapi Palace

This palace is the choice number one for all tourists; it is a genuine architecture wonder.
As the Palace is the number one choice of sights to visit while in Istanbul. It gets really crowed from tourists wanting to enter. We made the mistake of getting there at about eleven o’clock in the morning and it was already too crowded, therefore we missed the Harem tour which it is said to be the best tour in the Palace. We were really sad about not being able to enter since you can only visit the Harem with a guided tour.
The part of the palace that I recommend the most, apart from the Harem, is the Treasury which is full of gems and gold and some of the most amazing art I saw in Turkey. [more ]

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