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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

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St Vitus' Cathedral

St. Vitus' Cathedral is Eastern Europe's answer to Notre Dame. Best
yet, it's officially free entry which, while making this cathedral
slightly more crowded, also makes it almost imperative to visit. The
stained glass is moving and features varied symbols to look out for
(including the symbol of the Illuminati). The nave is huge,
extraordinary, and awe-inspiring to walk through, regardless of your
religious persuasion. Take a walk around the grounds while you're
there, you'll be standing on the burial grounds of St. Wenceslas. [more ]

St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus cathedral is the most important church in the whole Czech Republic. It is the main seat of Prague’s Archbishop. The Cathedral is Enormous gothic church with two symmetrical black gothic towers in the front and a higher and lighter tower on the right side of the main nave. Inside the light coming from the windows makes the whole place seem magical and creates a great atmosphere. The tomb of one of the most beloved saints in the Czech Republic – St John of Nepomuk is also inside. There is usually a very long queue before entering inside (because the guards seem to keep only a certain number of visitors inside probably avoiding crowds), but it is going actually pretty fast, so don’t worry about it. There is no entrance fee to the cathedral. [more ]

St. Vitus Cathedral

I am not a big fan of cathedrals and they are the last buildings I want to visit when I am in a city. The St. Vitu Cathedral is big and strong like others and it looks good in the city. St. Vitu Cathedral looks a bit like the Koln Cathedral in Germany or Notre Dame in Paris. I don’t deny the elaborated work needed to build churches and I am glad we have a symbol of history, but I still rather put the tour on the last place of the list or just to see it from outside. However if people like to do this kind of tours I recommend it. [more ]

Cathedral of St. Vitus

Cathedral of St. Vitus is located at Pražský Hrad (Prague 1, take Metro to Hradčanská or trams 8, 18, 25, 26).

Cathedral of St. Vitus is one of the most impressive and most important places of worship in Prague. It was founded by John from Luxembourgh and his sons Karel and Jan Jidrich. The building itself is done in Gothic style and it took nearly 6 centuries for it to be completed. This is place of coronation for Czech kings and queens. The most notable feature of Cathedral of St. Vitus is the Great Tower (96 meters high). On the top there is also the dome, which is home to the largest bell in Bohemia called Sigismund. You can take the stairs (all 297 of them) to get to top and enjoy the views of Prague. The Cathedral of St. Vitus also contains the Royal Mauseolem that commemorate most notable Czech kings.

The Tower is open from Apr – Oct (good weather permiting) while the opening hours for the Cathedral of St. Vitus are Apr – Oct Mon to Sun from 9:00am until 5:00pm, Nov – Mar Mon – Sun from 9:00am until 4:00pm. [more ]

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